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  1. BigRedskinDaddy

    Reviewing The Chiefs

    Wow. Very nicely done TK. You clearly do your homework on these things so we don't have to, Thanks brother. I look forward to more of your takes on future opponents this season. I also think the Chiefs can be had, even at Arrowhead, even without a close to perfect game on our part. If we play a little bend but don't break D to minimize the potential for their big plays, and Cousins continues to be laser sharp in his reads, a W is eminently doable. I had resigned myself to going 2-2 this first quarter with us winning the Iggles game but losing to the Raidahs...and that will probably still happen, but man it would be cool if we can somehow steal one and keep pace in the East. It's early yet, but I like us much more as frontrunners than late chargers come the paloff push.
  2. BigRedskinDaddy

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    Moderation? Cooler heads? Voices of Reaspn {aside from the member with that handle}?? HERE!?! This is where rational and logical thought comes to drop a little acid one last time, just like the old days. And I admit to being one of the worst offenders out there. I can haz mood swings and krazee ideas dat go all which ways? Why yes. Yes I can.
  3. BigRedskinDaddy

    **** the Cowboys

    I could and should say this every day of my life: $#@% the cowpukes. And the boring game with the little g-men they rode in on, If I have to watch Zeke spoonfeed himself one more time after getting 9 yds through a hole I could've looked good in, I'm gonna shoot myself - and then him. If I live to be 150 I will never understand the media bias and fan crushing on this POS franchise that historically has choked in more big moments than nearly any other. America's Team. Gimme a &%$#ing break.
  4. Ah yes. The only thread participation that resulted in TK crushing me with the ban hammer. Not only is it still going strong, but I think I can still smell my confusion and shame. -so, any uni changes?
  5. Howdy fellas, how you been? Ahhh, memories. I remember well, if not fondly, earning my one and thus far only NNT via something that got merged in here. Good times...TK, how many guys you think you've slapped in irons on this one? Bout as many as will end up here in the future, I'll wager.
  6. BigRedskinDaddy

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    Try this:
  7. Ugh. Please don't compare my beloved Redskins with the hated Trojans again. That shivered me timbers, it did...
  8. Gosh, I love this thread. This sucker got me my one and only NNT back in the day. (Hi there TK. ) I love our unis, would make just a couple of minor changes. Bring back the flat pants, don't like the shiny burgundy, and put the two fat stripes back on the jersey sleeves. That way I can reminisce about the glory days easier.
  9. BigRedskinDaddy

    Random Thought Thread

    At least you've got another hour to snooze. I'm asking myself what the hell I'm doing awake at this hour out here on a Saturday with no work, nothing to get up for. I think I'm approaching the age where older folk start needing only about 18 and a half minutes of sleep a night or something, because this just isn't natural. Brb. Gotta put on the world's biggest pot of coffee...
  10. BigRedskinDaddy

    **** the Cowboys

    Agreed Hap. I'll go you one better: **** the 'Girls, their skeletor owner, their newfangled stadium, the horses they rode in on...did I forget anything? HTTR
  11. BigRedskinDaddy

    Redskins vs Cowboys Rivalry Quotes

    He's right: Norman Einstein is a friggin' genius. Like that guy Siegfried Freud. Both of 'em sharp as a tack.
  12. BigRedskinDaddy

    Redskins vs Cowboys Rivalry Quotes

    MTH, you are the Man. Awesome stuff, brother, thank you. Love that Mark May quote about going at it with Wandy White at the airport. I would have paid dearly to see that slugfest. Hail to the Goddamn Redskins, baby. And **** the Cowboys for all time.
  13. BigRedskinDaddy

    **** the Cowboys

    Been awhile since I gave rise to my hatred of the team, the Skeletor owner, the mouth-breather HC, and everything silver and blue that's NFL - related. * * * * the Dallass Cowboys - forwards, backwards and sideways. Here's to another 10 years or more without a playoff win!
  14. BigRedskinDaddy

    **** the Cowboys

    I'll second that, T. **** Dall-ass and their freakishly smooth-faced owner. I don't care how many Jon Kitna's or Keith Brookings they sign; they STILL won't get past one and done in any playoffs they DO make for a good long while yet. **** 'EM. **** 'EM ALL.
  15. BigRedskinDaddy

    **** the Cowboys

    What is up, B? It's that time of year again. Almost. And in keeping with the spirit of the thread - **** dem Boys. ...and the whoreses they rode in on.