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Link? Source?

We must know!

I don't even remember where I read it...have to see if I can find it...

I read that too. She said she would rather partake in that than eat sushi.

Yep...that was part of the interview...and she mentioned how "that" was definitely the best part of her body :silly:

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Incase any of you stalkers would like to see Megan Fox inperson she is filming Tranformers 2 at the Air & Space museum out by Dulles. I took my brother and his GF out there on Saturday and I got to see her up close..

very nice, very nice...

Yeah, she stopped by my place and we chilled in the pool for a while, she is a pretty cool chick.

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I love Silverman. But she is only reasonably good looking, not amazing best in the world model good looking.

I agree.

She has her moments, and I would hit it, but she isn't hottie draft quality.

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