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US-Engalnd soccer game in a couple hrs


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On ESPN Classic

Noon Pacific

We have a lot of of younger guys on the squad like Adu and Altidore. It will be interesting to see if and how much they play.

The game is at Wembley stadium and England is taking us very lightly. I think we can take this one.

Anyone else watching?

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No, There are a couple of higher rated shows to watch



See the company you keep in your hatred of soccer? :laugh:

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I hear Barack Obama's cousin once defeated Diego Maradona and the Brazilians in the World Cup... Or was that Beckham and the Argentines...

Anyway, Soccer is like hockey without the fighting, sticks or puck... OK, it's like figure skating on grass and with a ball.

Jesus, you can't even let your Obama haterade go in a thread about SOCCER.

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Should be a very interesting match.


U.S. confident entering England game


"When the U.S. men's national team squares off against England on Wednesday, it will mark the beginning of perhaps the most daunting stretch of friendly games the U.S. has ever undertaken. A matchup against host Spain in Santander will follow on June 4, with a home match against Argentina finishing off the run on June 8; all so the Americans can be in peak form for their World Cup qualifying series against Barbados one week later."

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That if you dislike a political candidate enough, you can ruin just about any thread. lol

Yeah ... but why pair Maradonna and Brazil, or Beckham with Argentina? Are those the only two players and countries he knows?

Was there some joke here that is too clever for us? :)

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