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Video: Laron Landry "Coming Undone"-song

Drunken Master III

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Good Lord that song sucks. Nice highlight reel though. When we first drafted him I wasn't quite sure why the heck we were doing that, but I'm sure as heck glad we did so now. The guy's an absolute animal and I look forward to seeing him this upcoming season....

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As much as I love landry, for some reason whenever I see a video like that, all I can think of is "what could have been".

RIP 21. Forever in our hearts.

I'm right there with you on that one.:(

On a positive note I'm happy to see so many Skins fans from Ca posting in this thread!:D

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Great Video but I still hold all highlight reels to Sean Taylors Bad to the Bone or thugish rugish bone. Sean had 5minutes worth of highlights after his rookie year and that was including college and lifting weights :cheers:

The thugish ruggish bone Sean Taylor video is the best video on YouTube PERIOD!!.

I think ive watched it 50 times. :notworthy

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