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  1. Anybody else see PBF on PTI yesterday? They were pressing Maywether with Pac Questions even tried to just get him to say the word pacuiou and Floyd would not say it. He is such a fraud. I hope Shane gives him the buisness.
  2. Pac will be able to walk down Mayweather the way Delahoya did, Only Pac is still young and can score points and not fade.
  3. Egos will keep this fight from happening. Arum already said he wouldn't do the fight before Cotto. Things may have changed but with the history Bob Arum and Floyd have I don't see them comming to a common ground, even for the money. Mosely-Floyd will happen before Pacman- PBF
  4. More like Golden boy productions knows how to hype a fight. 24/7 is a great show. BTW Shane said he wanted to fight Floyd the following year in your link. I would like you to now show me a link where Floyd himself has EVER said he wants any part of Shane?????
  5. I felt sorry for Max. haha Floyd vs. Shane would be a great fight. Just as good a fight as Pac Man vs Floyd. I don't think Floyd wants any part of shane though too much risk the antics at the end of the fight though might have garnered interest in the boxing comunity. They are going to promote the heck out of it.
  6. pee drinker doesn't have a chance at this weight. 24/7 is working on some of you.
  7. This is not a simple fight by any means after taking two years off. Ask Manny himself if this is a easy fight. That said HBO is brilliant with 24/7 they are building the little mexican up but he just isn't big enough. neither is Manny for that matter. Should be a good fight though because the pee drinker has a lot of fight in him.
  8. is the feed with the local news for Austin really going to show the game?
  9. well if sopcast isnt working I guess I need a PM as well. haha
  10. what ever happened to sopcast? does that not still work?
  11. Or try to make Pac man fight at 145 or 150 :doh:
  12. What is the soonest they might fight? October or November?
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