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Black and Gold 7-Round Mock Draft (including the latest FA pickups)very cool!


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Now keep in mind...we may be getting a 3rd and (2) 7th rounders as comp picks...But this is a very nice perspective from a different team on our wants and needs...Very interesting...! :cheers: :logo: (oh ya....it's extremely long)!



2008 NFL Mock Draft

1. Miami Dolphins- Jake Long, OT, Michigan

The number one overall pick has done nothing but get more and more foggy. It seems that they might be clearing the table to get the prodigy Chris Long in there, while at the same time, talks continue to brew about attempting to snatch up a franchise leader at the QB spot like Matt Ryan. However, I think both of these are false. I think they decide to go with the big boy and grab Jake Long here. He would be the guy to build the offense around because he has the potential to protect whoever needs it. Again, many other options are stirring, but I don’t think they can go wrong with big Jake.


2. St. Louis Rams- Chris Long, DE, Virginia

Another pick with options galore. They are hoping and praying that the fins let Chris go through because this kid is their ideal pick, however, Glenn Dorsey, Sedrick Ellis, and even Vernon Gholston have all thrown there names into the hat now as well. However, with Matt Ryan and Jake Long now heavy vote getters for the number one spot, it is a very high possibility that Chris could get passed them. Howie’s son would bring a HUGE pass-rushing utility to the much-needed Rams D-line. This is the ideal situation for STL and they are still hoping for Chris to fall to them.


3. Atlanta Falcons*- Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU

Despite having other options that could clearly bring some more exciting results, they stick with the dominator of the draft. He would add exactly what they are looking for to their D-line and it would work great with Jamaal Anderson right next to him. Other options could involve Sedrick Ellis, but most likely Matt Ryan to try and bring the much needed QB presence. Look for this one to take a while for ATL, but I think Dorsey is the best choice for them here.


4. Oakland Raiders*- Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

Although RB is not near the biggest worry for Oakland, Al just has to get the biggest playmaker in the draft. Despite just recently re-signing Justin Fargas, they still go out and get the best RB in the draft. What an addition this would add alongside last years pick, JaMarcus Russell. I would not be happy to go up against a tandem like Russell and Dmac ever, it would be nothing but good for weary Raider fans. Ellis could also go here due to the recent retirement of Warren Sapp, but once again, can’t go wrong with the explosiveness of Run DMC.


5. Kansas City Chiefs*- Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC

Kansas City is in dyer need of an OT, however, with Jake Long going before them, they decide to help out Jared Allen on the D-line and get the pass-rushing phenom, Sedrick Ellis. The opposing QB would be very unhappy each week going up against these young studs, and I think KC will quickly realize that come draft day. Although they would love to help out the much needed OT position, Ryan Clady just isn’t quite worth it yet with the 5th overall selection.

OFF-SEASON ADDITION: DE Jared Allen (franchised)

6. New York Jets- Vernon Gholston, DE, OSU

NY ends up with the physical phenomenon and will definitely not be disappointed with this pick. He is the kind of guy that could change a whole defense just because of his presence. He will be a great NFL player and I'm sure the Jets wouldn't mind him enjoying his success with their jersey on. A CB could be a long shot here or possibly a LB due to problems with Jonathon Vilma.


7. New England Patriots (From S.F. 49ers)- Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy

The Patriots have a few choices to choose out of here. They could certainly assess the LB need here, but due to a big LB staying at school in James Laurinaitis, the CB would be a much better choice here for New England. They would get an immediate starter here and he would be an awesome addition to an already stellar defense. He would fill in great for the possible loss of Asante Samuel.

OFF-SEASON ADDITION: WR Randy Moss (re-signed)

8. Baltimore Ravens- Matt Ryan, QB, BC

Baltimore definitely needs to take care of their biggest and most important need here in the QB position. They decide to get the best QB in the draft and could start immediately for a pretty weak offensive unit. They seem to be pretty sure about getting a QB here and I think it would definitely be the best choice as well for the Ravens.

OFF-SEASON ADDITION: LB Terrell Suggs (franchised)

9. Cincinnati Bengals- Keith Rivers, OLB, USC

Here is a tough decision for the Bengals. Ideally they would want to pick up Sedrick Ellis, however, due to Ellis's stock rapidly rising, he shouldn't fall to them. Due to this, they will be looking for LB or possibly DE. If Phillip Merling rises greatly after the combine, then they could go with him, or if Dan Connor rises, he could be the choice as well. However, Rivers will have a lot of spark after the combine due to his speed, so he will be perceived as worth this pick. He would add great help, and they could still get some good D-lineman in the rounds proceeding.


10. New Orleans Saints- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, TSU

The Saints just happen to have possibly the best CB in the draft fall to them passed New England. This kid has shown that even guys from small schools can be studs as well. He will add a great cover man for a weak secondary and this would turn out to be a huge pick up. Other choices may be Ellis if he falls, Kenny Phillips, or most likely, Dan Connor to replace a LB crew that will be in shambles after the off-season.

OFF-SEASON ADDITION: LB Jonathan Vilma (trade), OLB Ian Gold

11. Buffalo Bills- Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida

Although the Bills need some major relief in the receiving crew, they still decide to help the secondary with a great CB here. Jenkins is a great pick up here for them. He adds speed, size, agility, and a great turnover threat. After a great combine, Mike has risen and definitely displayed his skills as a top performer. Again, they could go with a WR like Malcolm Kelly or Limas Sweed, or they could even go LB Keith Rivers or DT Kentwan Balmer, but with an awesome CB like Mike Jenkins still left on the board, they have to pick him up.


12. Denver Broncos- Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State

The Broncos get the second best OT in the draft with the 12th pick which is quite an accomplishment in this draft. They look long and hard at Phillips, but choose to deal with the O-line here in the first, especially after Clady falls to them. This would definitely do some great things for their O-line and would bring immediate relief. If Dorsey or Ellis miraculously falls, those are for sure picks here, or they could decide to trade up and get one of them, however, with Clady here, it would work out great.


13. Carolina Panthers- Kenny Phillips, FS, Miami

Carolina could use some great O-line help here with this pick, however, with the spark of Kenny Phillips still out there, they have to get him. This kid is a great player, and is a safety coming out of Miami, so that is already comforting for NFL squads. FS is a big need for Carolina, however, if Clady falls, I think they would choose him over Phillips, but we will just have to see.

OFF-SEASON ADDITION: OT Jordan Gross (franchised)

14. Chicago Bears- Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh

Although many people think that Chicago should go with a franchise QB here, I think the OL choice would be a lot smarter. They will get a great QB later in the draft and this big boy will protect him for many years to come. This would be a stellar pick for Dabears.

OFF-SEASON ADDITION: LB Lance Briggs (re-signed)

15. Detroit Lions- Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech

Here you go Lions fans. I thought you might like the Connor pick, but I definitely understand wanting a good CB, especially this kid. He does not possess the greatest speed, or the best flare, but he is one of the most solid corners coming into the draft this year. He would certainly add a great coverage man to a pretty weak secondary. He also brings one of the hardest hitters to this team as well. I can definitely see Brandon in a Lions jersey by this September.


16. Arizona Cardinals- Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona

Arizona is looking to solidify both the O-line and D-line, but the secondary is also a position worth the 1st round choice. The CB class is pretty strong upfront in the draft and I think they will take advantage of that with this pick. They could possibly go O-line with a guy like Chris Williams or if Jeff Otah fell, but Cason is a sweet choice here for the Cards, plus he is a home town boy.


17. Minnesota Vikings- Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida

After signing the safety, they decide to pass on Reggie Smith and go with the DE choice Harvey here. He is a great end and would add a huge pick up for the great Vikings d-line. Plus, after signing Berrian, they feel even more comfortable with getting this pick here. Harvey would do great things for their team and they feel they could get a great SS later in the draft. Great offseason for the Vikings after FA and this pick.


18. Houston Texans- Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon

Houston has struggled with the RB position for a long time and this needs to be the person who changes that, and if they do get him, then it would change that. Now Mario has proven himself as the pick over Bush, but they still do need a strong RB. I realize that they just obtained Ahman Green, but he is not the answer. I understand that they are attempting to put some faith in him, but he is getting old and is very liable for injuries. Stewart would be a great choice here and I have no doubt that he could push this squad to the next level.


19. Philadelphia Eagles- Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt

Philly is looking to develop a nice young line and this kid would be a great addition to that. Although this may not be the most exciting or sparky pick, they still feel that it would add the most help and would be great with some of their recent FA pick ups. Williams is one of the best O-lineman in the draft and would be great in front of McNabb and Westbrook. Great addition here for Philly.


20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville

Although Tampa is looking for some major receiving help, they feel that with Brohm falling to them, they have to snatch him up. They realize that many good WR’s could fall to them in the second, while QB is kind of scarce early. Brohm could learn some things behind Garcia before going in as the franchise QB probably next year. I like the pick and I think it would really bring light to TB.


21. Washington Redskins- Limas Sweed, WR, Texas

Although the skins are looking for some major DE help, they feel that getting this young stud couldn’t hurt at all. Their receiving core hasn’t been all that great for a while, and they think that adding a young guy like Sweed could really solidify that position for them. Also, they could very well still end up with a great DE in the second because it doesn’t seem as if many people are looking for DE passed the first few picks. It should be interesting to see what happens, but for now, Limas is the pick.

OFF-SEASON ADDITION: QB Todd Collins (re-sign)

22. Dallas Cowboys (From Cleveland Browns)- Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois

Due to the two first rounders, they will have some fun really early. Depending upon what corners fall, they could take their cover man with their first pick and go out on a limb with a RB with the second. However they do it, RB and CB is most likely the choices. In my mock, Mendenhall falls to the 22nd pick so Dallas decides to just wrap him up here. The second pick should be a CB or WR.

OFF-SEASON ADDITION: RB Marion Barber (re-sign)

23. Pittsburgh Steelers- Branden Albert, OG, Virginia

Pittsburgh is definitely looking to repair their O-line in this draft. Coming into the off-season, they realize that they must make some additions in order to solidify their offensive interior again. Ideally they would like their home town boy Jeff Otah, but due to Chicago's urgency for O-line as well, they will get Albert. Gosder Cherilus is a definite possibility here as well, but Alberts combine was very impressive and has made his stock rise over the passed few weeks. This is a great pick for Pitt and definitely helps out the interior.


24. Tennessee Titans- DeSean Jackson, WR, California

This is a very interesting pick here for the Titans. WR is definitely a big need for them and I do expect them to wrap up a receiver in the 1st. They could go many different ways, receiver wise, here but I think Jackson is a solid choice here. He is a great WR and, despite his small stature, he is quite an athlete. He would add a method to the Titans game that they haven’t seen in a LONG time. I think he has talent for the first round and would add a great difference maker in the scoring game. They could go other directions here with maybe a DE pick or possibly a CB pick, but I think this athletic receiver will catch their eyes too much and they will snatch him up here in the first.

OFF-SEASON ADDITION: DT Albert Haynesworth (re-sign)

25. Seattle Seahawks- Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas

Ok, Alexander is a great guy and was even a better player, but Shaun is now officially on the down slope. With them always looking to dominate the West, they need a solid young RB that can add some more explosions in the running game. Felix is a stud at the RB position and would definitely give the explosiveness that they are looking for in their draft pick. It should be fun to see Jones run behind a line that could be repaired easily in the off-season. He will add immediate relief for an already great team.

OFF-SEASON ADDITION: CB Marcus Trufant (re-sign/franchise)

26. Jacksonville Jaguars- Quentin Groves, DE/LB, Auburn Jacksonville is in need of a DE, and although a lot of Jags fans say not, I have seen a lot of places say that LB is a big need to. Either way, this guy could fill either hole. DE would probably be a lot better fit for Groves but they could still be versatile with him. If Calais Campbell or Derrick Harvey don't get snatched up, Jacksonville would probably get him here, but I think fans would be happy to have Groves.

OFF-SEASON ADDITION: WR Troy Williamson (trade)

27. San Diego Chargers- Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina

Not the exact pick they are hoping for, but still quite a specimen here. He is not the biggest DT, but he is bigger than the top two DT's in the draft in Ellis and Dorsey. Plus, he has the ability to switch and play both DT and DE. Although he is not the ideal pick here for SD, I think he will benefit them. The only problem is that the Chargers have lost most of their picks, so they will be taking their time to make sure that they get the right guy in the first, and it might or might not be Balmer.


28. Dallas Cowboys- Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas

Dallas got their RB with their first pick, now they can have some great fun. Luckily for them, Talib happens to fall to the Cowboys here with this pick. They get lucky after deciding to take Mendenhall earlier in the 1st instead of the CB pick. They would like to get a CB first and get Jones here, but due to Mendenhall rising, they just decide to take him earlier. Great 1st round picks for the Cowboys.

OFF-SEASON ADDITION: OT Flozell Adams (re-sign)

29. San Francisco 49ers (From Indianapolis Colts)- Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma

Now that Martz has been signed, he should be pushing for this kid. Mike likes him some big play talent, and I think Malcolm contains that piece, as well as many other great things. He is definitely a top talent and will be a great addition to a weak WR crew. They have struggled for many years in the WR crew, ever since Rice and T.O. left. But this kid could bring that flare back into San Francisco. Great pick here for the niners.


30. Green Bay Packers- Dan Connor, LB, Penn State

There are a few possible options here with this pick, but I think with this kid possibly falling to them, they would be more than happy to pick him up. He will be an amazing addition and would look great alongside AJ Hawk. I think this could be one of the best pick ups of the first round, and they would get a steal here early on.


31. New England Patriots**- (Forfeit Pick)

Great pick here for the Pats....wait.....that's right, they chose to try and get some great "Kodak Moments" against the Jets and lost their pick. However, due to the niners trade, they will still get a great 1st rounder to help some missing spots.

OFF-DEASON ADDITION: LB Tedy Bruschi (re-sign)

32. New York Giants- Erin Henderson, LB, Maryland

New York is just looking to add depth and fill in maybe a few holes after a stellar season. Depth starts at OT, so that should be a later pick for them, while maybe some holes could involve the CB position and the LB position. With Rivers and Connor being picked high in my mock, they should look to add a great LB talent that is a late round steal. Again, there are some CB's that could sneak into the 1st, especially after the combine, but I don't see them passing on the LB choice here. Great pick up for them here.


*- Coin Toss decides the order

**- Forfeit of a pick

Round 2

1. Miami Dolphins- Calais Campbell, DE, Miami (FL)

(Huge pick up here after passing on Chris Long in the first)

2. St. Louis Rams- Sam Baker, OT, USC

(huge pick up here for STL and takes care of their biggest need)

3. Oakland Raiders*- Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State

(adds a great target for new franchise QB to throw to, maybe the best WR in the draft)

4. Kansas City Chiefs*- Tracey Porter, CB, Indiana

(great CB pick up here that adds relief to an aging secondary, plus great speed)

5. New York Jets- James Hardy, WR, Indiana

(adds a huge target for Pennington and will be a huge end-zone threat with his height)

6. Atlanta Falcons*- Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College

(would be an amazing first 2 rounds, would be great for Turner and the new QB)

7. Baltimore Ravens- Terrell Thomas, CB, USC

(they decide to get a CB here to help out with some aging corners)

8. San Francisco 49ers- Dre Moore, DE, Maryland

(gives very strong DE to a weak run stopping line)

9. . New Orleans Saints- Pat Sims, DT, Auburn

(adds a great huge interior d-lineman to the core)

10. Buffalo Bills- Xavier Adibi, OLB, Virginia Tech

(adds a great LB here to help weak LB's after losing Spikes and Fletcher)

11. Denver Broncos- Red Bryant, DT, Texas A&M

(gives the Broncos a big boy in the defensive interior)

12. Carolina Panthers- Carl Nicks, OT, Nebraska

(Adds strong OT to the mix and helps a line who could lose some guys)

13. Chicago Bears- Early Doucet, WR, LSU

(they pass on the QB option after signing Grossman, get Muhsin’s replacement here)

14. Detroit Lions- Anthony Collins, OT, Kansas

(great pick here and adds immediate relief to very bad O-line)

15. Cincinnati Bengals- Lawrence Jackson, DE, USC

(Adds an awesome DE that could be their 1st rounder, but just happens to fall to the 2nd)

16. Minnesota Vikings- Fred Davis, TE, USC

(not the biggest need, but with the best TE in the draft still there, they take him)

17. Atlanta Falcons (From Houston Texans)- Joe Flacco, QB, Delaware

(adds possible franchise QB to new franchise RB and stud OT)

18. Philadelphia Eagles- Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson

(huge addition here after the O-line choice in the first, shouldn't fall this far but possible)

19. Arizona Cardinals- Chris Johnson, RB, East Carolina

(get a huge pick up here, with a guy who ran the fastest 40 and has great talent to add to the club)

20. Washington Redskins- Reggie Smith, S, Oklahoma

(what a pick up here as he miraculously falls to the skins here in the second)

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Charles Godfrey, CB, Iowa

(huge pick here that gives great help for aging Ronde Barber)

22. Pittsburgh Steelers- O’Neil Cousins, OT, UTEP

(they get some more O-line help here, but this time on the outside of the line)

23. Tennessee Titans- Curtis Lofton, LB, Oklahoma

(adds a great talent to the LB crew in Tennessee)

24. Seattle Seahawks- Martellus Bennet, TE, Texas A&M

(desperate for TE, and get a great one here)

25. Green Bay Packers (From Cleveland Browns)- Brad Cottam, TE, Tennessee

(they decide to get the TE help here after the Corey Williams trade)


26. Miami Dolphins (From San Diego Chargers) - Chad Henne, QB, Michigan

(get their new QB here after helping out both lines earlier)

27. Jacksonville Jaguars- Patrick Lee, CB, Auburn

(a great pick here for the Jags and adds a great cover man)

28. Indianapolis Colts- Shawn Crable, OLB, Michigan

(an amazing tackler here and a very tough athlete)


29. Green Bay Packers- Dwight Lowery, CB, San Jose State

(go ahead and get Connor in the first and still get a great cover man in the 2nd with great speed)

30. Dallas Cowboys- Andre Caldwell, WR, Florida

(they get the WR they are looking for early and can still get a DT later)

31. New England Patriots- Jerod Mayo, LB, Tennessee

(adds a very athletic LB to help out with lots of aging problems)

32. New York Giants- Josh Barrett, SS, Arizona State

(gets one of the best safeties in the draft with speed and hard hitting)

Round 3

1. Miami Dolphins- Donnie Avery, WR, Houston

2. St. Louis Rams- Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan

3. Kansas City Chiefs*- Jeremy Zuttah, OT, Rutgers

4. Carolina Panthers (From New York Jets)- Earl Bennett, WR, Vanderbilt

5. Atlanta Falcons*- Phillip Wheeler, LB, Georgia Tech

6. New England Patriots (From Oakland Raiders)*- Lavelle Hawkins, WR, California

7. San Francisco 49ers- John Greco, OT, Toledo

8. Buffalo Bills (From Baltimore Ravens)- Harry Douglas, WR, Louisville

9. Buffalo Bills- Martin Rucker, TE, Missouri

10. Minnesota Vikings (From Denver Broncos)- Adarious Bowman, WR, Oklahoma State

11. Carolina Panthers- DeMario Pressley, DT, North Carolina State

12. Chicago Bears- Kevin Smith, RB, UCF

13. Detroit Lions- Ali Highsmith, LB, LSU

14. Cincinnati Bengals- Chilo Rachal, OG, USC

15. New Orleans Saints- Trevor Laws, DT, Notre Dame

16. Houston Texans- Chevis Jackson, CB, LSU

17. Philadelphia Eagles- Justin King, CB, Penn State

18. Arizona Cardinals- Darrell Robertson, DE, Georgia Tech

19. Minnesota Vikings- Jamar Adams, SS, Michigan

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jordy Nelson, WR, Kansas State

21. Washington Redskins- Chris Ellis, DE, Virginia Tech

22. Tennessee Titans- Letroy Guion, DT, Florida State

23. Seattle Seahawks- Roy Scheuning, OG, Oregon State

24. Detroit Lions (From Cleveland Browns)- Ray Rice, RB, Rutgers

25. Pittsburgh Steelers- Trae Williams, CB, South Florida

26. Jacksonville Jaguars- Will Franklin, WR, Missouri

27. Chicago Bears (From San Diego Chargers)- Marcus Griffin, FS, Texas

28. Green Bay Packers- Duane Brown, OT, Virginia Tech

29. Dallas Cowboys- Mike McGlynn, OG, Pittsburgh

30. Indianapolis Colts- Frank Okam, DT, Texas

31. New England Patriots- Geno Hayes, OLB, Florida State

32. New York Giants- Terrence Wheatley, CB, Colorado

Round 4

1. Miami Dolphins- John Carlson, TE, Notre Dame

2. St. Louis Rams- DaJuan Morgan, FS, North Carolina State

3. New York Jets- Tavares Gooden, ILB, Miami (FL)

4. Atlanta Falcons*- Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue

5. Oakland Raiders*- Marcus Howard, OLB, Georgia

6. Kansas City Chiefs*- Eddie Royal, WR, Virginia Tech

7. Baltimore Ravens- DJ Hall, WR, Alabama

8. San Francisco 49ers- Bruce Davis, OLB, UCLA

9. Denver Broncos- Craig Steltz, SS, LSU

10. Carolina Panthers- Tashard Choice, RB, Georgia Tech

11. Chicago Bears- Josh Johnson, QB, San Diego

12. Detroit Lions- Marcus Harrison, DT, Arkansas

13. Cincinnati Bengals- Jamaal Charles, RB, Texas

14. New York Jets (From New Orleans Saints)- Jonathan Hefney, FS, Tennessee

15. Buffalo Bills- Johnny Dingle, DE, West Virginia

16. Philadelphia Eagles- Jerome Simpson, WR, Coastal Carolina

17. Arizona Cardinals- FB Owen Schmitt, West Virginia

18. Minnesota Vikings- John David Booty, QB, USC

19. Houston Texans- Barry Richardson, OT, Clemson

20. Denver Broncos (From Washington Redskins)- Jason Jones, DE, Eastern Michigan

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Steve Slaton, RB, West Virginia

22. Seattle Seahawks- DeJuan Tribble, CB, Boston College

23. Cleveland Browns- Kendall Langford, DE, Hampton

24. Pittsburgh Steelers- Tommy Blake, DE, TCU

25. Tennessee Titans- Jack Williams, CB, Kentucky State

26. San Diego Chargers- FORFEIT

27. Jacksonville Jaguars- King Dunlap, OT, Auburn

28. Dallas Cowboys- Wallace Gilberry, DE, Alabama

29. Indianapolis Colts- Mike Pollak, C, Arizona State

30. Green Bay Packers- Eric Young, OG, Tennessee

31. New England Patriots- Kirk Barton, OT, OSU

32. New York Giants- Adrian Arrington, WR, Michigan

Round 5

1. Kansas City Chiefs (From Miami Dolphins)- Steve Justice, C, Wake Forest

2. St. Louis Rams- Ezra Butler, OLB, Nevada

3. Atlanta Falcons*- Dexter Jackson, WR, Appalachian State

4. Denver Broncos (From Oakland Raiders*)- Jonathon Goff, ILB, Vanderbilt

5. Kansas City Chiefs*- Peyton Hillis, FB, Arkansas

6. Carolina Panthers (From New York Jets)- Vince Hall, LB, Virginia Tech

7. San Francisco 49ers- Beau Bell, MLB, UNLV

8. Baltimore Ravens- FORFEIT PICK

9. Chicago Bears (From Carolina Panthers)- Jeremy Leman, MLB, Illinois

10. Buffalo Bills (From Chicago Bears)- John Sullivan, C, Notre Dame

11. Detroit Lions- Erik Ainge, QB, Tennessee

12. Cincinnati Bengals- JerMichael Finley, TE, Texas

13. New Orleans Saints- Pedro Sosa, OT, Rutgers

14. Buffalo Bills- Simeon Castille, FS, Alabama

15. Denver Broncos- Alvin Bowen, OLB, Iowa State

16. Arizona Cardinals- Quentin Demps, FS, UTEP

17. Minnesota Vikings- Chris Harrington, DE, Texas A&M

18. Houston Texans- Derek Lokey, DT, Texas

19. Philadelphia Eagles- Thomas DeCoud, FS, Cal

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jacob Hester, FB, LSU

21. Washington Redskins - Cliff Avril, OLB, Purdue

22. Philadelphia Eagles (From Cleveland Browns)- Tony Hills, OT, Texas

23. Pittsburgh Steelers- Marcus Monk, WR, Arkansas

24. Tennessee Titans- Allen Patrick, RB, Oklahoma

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (From Seattle Seahawks)- Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky

26. Jacksonville Jaguars- David Roach, FS, TCU

27. San Diego Chargers- Mike Hart, RB, Michigan

28. Indianapolis Colts- Robert Felton, OG, Arkansas

29. Green Bay Packers- Matt Forte, RB, Tulane

30. Dallas Cowboys- Ahtyba Rubin, NT, Iowa State

31. New England Patriots- Justin Forsett, RB, California

32. New York Giants- Breno Giacomini, OT, Louisville

Round 6

1. Miami Dolphins- Ben Moffit, LB, South Florida

2. St. Louis Rams- Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii

3. Oakland Raiders*- Thaddeus Coleman, OT, Mississippi Valley State

4. Kansas City Chiefs*- Drew Radovich, OG, USC

5. New York Jets- Tom Zbikowski, SS, Notre Dame

6. Atlanta Falcons*- Tyrell Johnson, SS, Arkansas State

7. Baltimore Ravens- Spencer Larsen, LB, Arizona

8. San Francisco 49ers- DJ Parker, FS, Virginia Tech

9. Chicago Bears- Corey Lynch, FS, Appalachian State

10. Detroit Lions- J.J. Finley, TE, Oklahoma

11. Cincinnati Bengals- Jo-Lonn Dunbar, ILB, Boston College

12. New Orleans Saints- Paul Hubbard, WR, Wisconsin

13. Buffalo Bills- Heath Benedict, OT, Newberry

14. St. Louis Rams (From Denver Broncos)- Mike Fox, FB, Georgia Tech

15. Carolina Panthers- Lionel Dotson, DT, Arizona

16. New York Jets (From Minnesota Vikings)- Tyvon Branch, CB, UCONN

17. Houston Texans- Bryan Kehl, OLB, BYU

18. Philadelphia Eagles- Carlton Powell, DT, Virginia Tech

19. Arizona Cardinals- Durant Brooks, P, Georgia Tech

20. Washington Redskins- Brandon Keith, OT, Northern Iowa

21. Kansas City Chiefs (From Tampa Bay Buccaneers)- Matt Flynn, QB, LSU

22. Pittsburgh Steelers- Andre Fluellen, DT, Florida State

23. Tennessee Titans- Cody Wallace, C, Texas A&M

24. Cleveland Browns (From Seattle Seahawks)- Cory Boyd, RB, South Carolina

25. Philadelphia Eagles (From Cleveland Browns)- Jamie Silva, SS, Boston College

26. San Diego Chargers- Cody Balogh, OT, Montana

27. Minnesota Vikings (From Jacksonville Jaguars)- Wesley Woodyard, OLB, Kentucky

28. New York Giants (From Green Bay Packers)- Jordan Dizon, ILB, Colorado

29. Dallas Cowboys- Franklin Dunbar, OT, Middle Tennessee St.

30. Indianapolis Colts- Brian Johnston, DE, Gardner-Webb

31. New England Patriots- Nick Hayden, DT, Wisconsin

32. New York Giants- Maurice Murray, DT, New Mexico State

Round 7

1. Miami Dolphins- Chris Horton, SS, UCLA

2. Minnesota Vikings (From St. Louis Rams) - Anthony Aldridge, RB/WR/KR, Houston

3. Kansas City Chiefs*- Dantrell Savage, RB/KR, Oklahoma State

4. New York Jets- Jacob Tamme, TE, Kentucky

5. Atlanta Falcons*- Brandon Coutu, K, Georgia

6. Oakland Raiders*- James McClinton, DT, Kansas

7. San Francisco 49ers- Barry Booker, DT, Virginia Tech

8. Baltimore Ravens- Fernando Velasco, C, Georgia

9. Detroit Lions- Carl Stewart, FB, Auburn

10. St. Louis Rams (From Cincinnati Bengals) - Mike Gibson, OG, California

11. New Orleans Saints- Dennis Dixon, QB, Oregon

12. Buffalo Bills- Jehuu Caulcrick, FB, Michigan State

13. Denver Broncos- Jed Collins, FB, Washington State

14. Carolina Panthers- Chad Rinehart, OG, Northern Iowa

15. Chicago Bears- Andrew Crummey, OG, Maryland

16. Houston Texans- Caleb Campbell, SS, Army

17. Buffalo Bills (From Philadelphia Eagles)- Darnell Terrell, CB, Missouri

18. Arizona Cardinals- Thomas Williams, LB, USC

19. Minnesota Vikings- Dominique Barber, FS, Minnesota

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Kory Lichtensteiger, C, Bowling Green

21. Washington Redskins- Jonathan Zenon, CB, LSU

22. Tennessee Titans- Shannon Tevaga, OG, UCLA

23. Philadelphia Eagles (From Seattle Seahawks)- Mike Dragosavich, P, North Dakota State

24. Cleveland Browns- Steve Allen, ILB, West Texas A&M

25. Atlanta Falcons (From Pittsburgh Steelers)- Chris McDuffie, OG, Clemson

26. Seattle Seahawks (From Jacksonville Jaguars)- Kevin Robinson, WR, Utah State

27. San Diego Chargers- Ryan Grice-Mullen, WR, Hawaii

28. Dallas Cowboys- Michael Grant, FS, Arkansas

29. Indianapolis Colts- Vaughn Rivers, CB/S/KR, West Virginia

30. Green Bay Packers- Bernard Morris, QB, Marshall

31. New England Patriots- Andrew Larson, P, California

32. Kansas City Chiefs (From New York Giants)- Art Camody, K, Louisville

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I don't understand way people have the Raiders taking McFadden. It isn't just that they have Fargas, but they drafted Michael Bush last year. If Bush didn't injure himself his senior year he would have been a first round pick. He is healthy now. They have no need for McFadden at all.

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I don't understand way people have the Raiders taking McFadden. It isn't just that they have Fargas, but they drafted Michael Bush last year. If Bush didn't injure himself his senior year he would have been a first round pick. He is healthy now. They have no need for McFadden at all.

The Vikings didn't have a "need," for Peterson either. We didn't have a "need," for Landry. Hell, we had Fox, Prieloiuouoieo, and Stoutmire who all had experience playing Safety. But drafting BPA at times is a great idea.

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I don't understand way people have the Raiders taking McFadden. They have no need for McFadden at all.

I agree, it strikes me as lazy to basically say, "Well I don't really know where to put McFadden so I'm just going to have the Raiders draft him because Al Davis is old and stupid." People are afraid to let McFadden fall out of the top 5, I don't understand why.

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I absolutely love the fact that they have us taking a WR in the 1st (not the teams biggest need), state that we can still get a "still end up with a great DE in the second" and yet have us taking a safety with the second round pick. :doh:

This mock sucks and blows at the same time.

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i think our first will be to take whoever is there with the most potential. Be it WR, CB, or S. I feel we will take a DE in round 2. Of course, if we land some WR in FA, we may take DE in the 1st.

While its commonly known that I'm anti-1st Round DE, I feel that this team won't take one, regardless. This isn't about my views on DEs in the 1st round, simply that I believe that this team will not look to DE in the first 2-3 rounds, if at all.

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No way. This mock draft sucks. Who would pick an OT as the #1 overall pick? Really? Why would NE pass up on Cromartie. I seriously doubt Chris Ellis will fall past the 2nd round.

Um, why don't you go ask the St. Louis Rams, who took Orlando Pace as the #1 overall pick in 1997. He's an offensive tackle, and a 7 time pro-bowler from 1999-2005. Paved the way for Marshall Faulk's great seasons, and has been helping make Steven Jackson look good as well. You're telling me you wouldn't want that on your team? There's nothing wrong with going O-line #1 overall if that's what you need, especially if it's going to protect your QB's blindside for the next decade.

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I never pass judgment on a mock draft unless it's absolutely horrible (like us taking a QB or RB in the first round).

I always crack up when people are like, "This mock sucks. These 3 players won't be here in A, B, or C round." What makes a mock good? When they agree with every player you think should be there at every slot? :doh:

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