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On 1/20/2019 at 4:20 PM, Mr. Sinister said:

I missed the fight (what else is new?)


How is that not an automatic stoppage. That is brutal. Literally looks like he got clawed by a tiger.


This feeding was posted after the fight. LOL!


Anybody got the DAZN app? Only caught the co-main and main event. Both were action packed. Xu Can vs Jesus Rojas and Munguia vs Inoue. 

Thought Inoue would be an easy KO victim. He has a chin and just kept coming after Munguia like he was the Terminator. His skills are lacking, but his chin, power and relentlessness were on full display. 


Also, Thurman vs Lopez on Fox was good. Lots of rust on Thurman. Dropped Lopez in the 2nd and couldn't finish him. Lopez hurt Thurman late and had him running big time. Ring rust was a factor, but not sure if he's ready for a 40-year old Manny yet. Bud Crawford or Spence will destroy him based on what I saw last night.


Badou Jack Tiger.jpg

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Jacobs, who called his opponent "top-10, pound-for-pound" and a "true champion with superstar status," has been matched by Alvarez, whose commentary on the fight has focused on Jacobs' talent.


"He's an opponent that is very complete," Alvarez said through an interpreter. "He knows how to move in the ring. Very difficult. We know the risk of this fight, and it is a high-risk fight."


There was no shoving at any of their news conferences. No naughty words. No hostility. In fact, it has been the exact opposite: complete respect and the feeling that they could easily be friends.

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1 minute ago, StillUnknown said:

very few things can match the feeling of big time competitively matched boxing fight


I think Jacobs can present some problems for Canelo with his handspeed


I agree...and I’m gonna put my money where my mouth is at about 3 to 1.

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4 minutes ago, StillUnknown said:


only thing that worries is me is whether Jacobs would get a fair shake by the judges


I’ve talked myself into a scenario where Jacobs shows extremely well and they throw him a bone to set up the big $$$ rematch.


Kinda silly, I know.



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Jacob's not winning a decision unless he totally dominates a la Mayweather.  Even then 1 judge tried to give it to Canelo. Jacobs has been dropped by lesser guys. I'll take Canelo by UD or late TKO. 


Hope I'm wrong, but can't see Danny getting a fair decision. 

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Canelo has an underrated defense, his head movement has always been on point. gotta be frustrating for his opponents. couple that with one of the better chins in boxing and you really need a disciplined plan to outbox him over 12 rounds


Jacobs is not out of the fight, but its definitely Canelo's style of fight at the moment

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