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Just wondering, can you break down Coach Gibbs' fan support by age?


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This is the first thread I've started here, I've been a 'skins fan as long as I can remember, my first memories of football go way back to Coach Gibbs' first year here in D.C. (I still vaguely remember the 0-5 start:doh: )

Anyways, I remember the post-Gibbs I years & recall fantasizing about Coach Gibbs one day returning to lead the 'skins back to glory!:notworthy

Now that it's happened I am still a staunch supporter of Coach Gibbs & definitely hope he'll be back next year. I'm posting a poll to see if his support can be broken down by age...please vote, thanks!


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I think you'll find exceptions, but I think what you are suggesting here is largely true. Is it nostalgia or senility that makes guys like me still love Gibbs? I think he doesn't have "it" anymore, but I still want him to see his contract through. The team is still fighting and this year especially, we have gone through so much adversity in terms of injury and bizarre drops and fumbles by our superstars that I can't blame it on him.

I still believe in him. I still remember the greatness. I admit it has not been seen on the field often enough in his second go around, but whether it's due to my old foggieness, sense of debt for glories past, or wisdom. I will always believe in Joe and think well of him.

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i believe gibbs should be given the decision and not have it made for him. i think he should be allowed to stay on his own merit. i dont think his previous super bowl wins should have anything to do with whether he stays or goes, he would tell you the same thing.

I just dont see who is going to come in and immediately "turn the team around" which is what everyone would expect if he retired and we brought in a new coach and didnt promote someone from within.

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:doh: Wish the/those naysayers would leave the Coach alone; the problem that is - isn't just one person. Yes, he states he is "the start/end" of the problems, all persons that ARE responsible state that.

People - how does Coach deal with undermining what he is wanting to get done with the team? It is tougher than "one realizes".

I don't particularly like where we are at as far as 50/50 run/pass - "but then I am not the HEAD COACH".

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I feel sorry for him watching him on the sideline dealing with this, tarnishes his legend

I'm with you. This is something I've mentioned many times before:

In 1981, Gibbs was not hired to rebuild the team. The Redskins had Cooke and Beathard. The team had Theismann, Riggins, Monk, The Hoggs, Richie Pettibone and the defense. Pardee coached the team from 78-80. Gibbs was brought in to be the Offensive Coordinator/Head Coach. He did not make personnel decisions. Gibbs was young and hungry with new ideas. Gibbs was given much of the credit for the Team's success in the 80's. Beathard felt slighted and left after the 1987 season. In the 80's the Redskins always had the better defensive and offensive line and could win close games.

This time, Gibbs does not have the luxuries, resources or support he had in the 80s.

in 2004, Gibbs was brought in to Rebuild the team. He does not do this and he does not know how to do this.

Now, all his faults and weaknesses are being surfaced.

Hiring Gibbs in the first place was a bad idea by Snyder. It was more of a marketing gimmick than anything else. Nobody on this team has a clue how to build a winning team.

The idea of hiring Gibbs in the first place was the big mistake. It's just one quick fix after another.:coach:

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A simple comparison would be Gibbs vs Billick in Baltimore. While we have suffered through injuries, murders, and some players not playing up to their abilities, The Skins are two games up on the Ravens. Gibbs has kept the Skins together, while the Ravens are out of control.

Gibbs should be back.

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I noticed that the guys who seem to be most vocal against Gibbs on this site are very young; too young to understand what a great coach he truly is (not was).

This is the best poll I have seen on the site and after 135 votes it also blows away my belief that all young guys wanted him out. The squeeky wheel might get the oil, but the loud anti-Gibbs crowd is losing. It is two-to-one in favor of keeping him by both old and young.

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