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  1. Coach Janky Spanky

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I agree with you. I don't see any point at all (I gave up my tickets this season after 18 years and I haven't been to a game yet, but if I were to go, I could buy the same tickets I gave up for about $15.) But as Hoover-ball (above on this page) explained, some people really carry about the perks of season tickets (training camp access, on-field access, tradition of seats, etc.). It's clear to anyone that financially it's not a good investment given the rock bottom prices now, but some people make that choice for legitimate reasons. I don't agree with it, but I certainly understand it.
  2. Coach Janky Spanky

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Really? I can't think of one single area, whether football-related or business-related, in which the Redskins haven't demonstrated gross negligence at some point in the past few years. Why would this be any different? (also, I don't mean to make light of a very-serious health situation)
  3. Coach Janky Spanky

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Dwayne Haskins should be starting immediately. The Bengals announced that Ryan Finley, 4th Round draft pick, will be starting. I'm sure the Bengals don't exactly have a stellar offensive line and playmakers, but they're putting him out there anyways. I'm so sick and tired of all the people who say Haskins shouldn't start because he's not in a situation to succeed. Give me a break - most teams who draft in the top 15 weren't very good the year before. Simplify the playbook, put him out there, see how he competes, see how he leads. It's a lost season - time to see what he's got. We're not going to "ruin him" or whatever if things don't go well. That is just such nonsense.
  4. Coach Janky Spanky

    Season Ticket Holders Mutiny

    How many season ticket holders are there left? I honestly don't think there are that many. I cancelled my tickets this year after 20 years. And I too went off on the ticket rep that I was cancelling not because of the parking or the crappy food or the lines, but because of Bruce Allen. Also, it's not because I don't really intend on attending any games (although I haven't yet this year, but because I can get seats game by game in my exact section for a fraction of the price). In early September they sent me one of the season ticket boxes with the license plate holder, except minus the tickets. Apparently they ordered way too many of those earlier in the summer and they were piling up. The whole thing with Bruce Allen saying that Redskins fans chose to sell their season tickets isn't really accurate, even if some did. There are tens of thousands of tickets available on the primary market. Who does he think he's fooling? Here's the thing: the organization has known exactly how many season ticket holders it's lost over the years as the fans are unhappy and are walking away in droves. and the team still hasn't changed anything by hiring a competent front office. That's a red flag. They make most their money from TV contracts along with the rest of the league so it doesn't hurt them financially. But the real reason is Allen is able to convince Snyder that "we're close," that the losses are because of some key injuries and bad luck, and that once the team starts winning again, the fans will come back.
  5. Coach Janky Spanky

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    I disagree. I don't think Miami has been worse than we have over the past 20 years. I think we all (myself included) forget how long we have been truly mediocre. We often make comparisons to the Jets or the Browns or the Dolphins saying at least we haven't been bad as bad as them. True, we're not as bad. We're worse: Since 2000 (inclusive): # of wins: Miami 144, Redskins 129 # of seasons with 11 wins (or more): Miami 3, Redskins 0 # of seasons with 4 wins (or fewer): Miami 2, Redskins 3 Playoff appearances: Miami 4, Redskins 4 Playoff wins: Miami 1, Redskins 1
  6. Coach Janky Spanky

    Tracking Ticket Prices 2018 Season

    I didn't renew my season tickets last year after 20 years for this very reason basically. I can now go on ticketmaster and stubhub and buy tickets in my old section and row (454) for $20, a fraction of what I'd have paid otherwise . . . and that's on top of preseason and the games I don't want to go to at the end of December when we're 5-9.
  7. Coach Janky Spanky

    So about this Chicago Game?

    Of course the sell-outs stopped several years ago. Anyone who attended those games (I went to almost every one from 2001-2018) could see that by 2016 forward there were thousands of unoccupied seats in the upper deck. The team was giving those to ticket brokers to then sell on stubhub for pennies on the dollar just to allow the team to keep up the charade that the games were sold out. It was all sort of a joke - the team would announce 70,000 in attendance and everyone at the stadium with two eyes and a brain knew that was a complete lie. Were they giving manipulated/fake data to the NFL? I don't know. It depends on your definition of fake data I guess. The Redskins gave those tickets to brokers for tremendous discounts, those tickets were never sold to actual fans, and those seats remained empty throughout the game . . . yet the Redskins would announce an attendance figure that included those numbers. I mean, this is not something I'm making up or theorizing about. It's pretty widely understood. In that first article you cite from September 2018, Colts game: "The announced attendance of 57,013 was the lowest for a Redskins home opener in the 21-year history of FedEx Field -- down more than 21,000 from the 78,658 who attended the Redskins' 2017 home opener against the NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles." You really think attendance actually dropped over 25% (!!) in 12 months? And that this just happened, coincidentally, to be the same year they finally announced the season ticket waiting list was actually fiction? No. These seats were never sold to fans in the first place and hadn't been for several years. The team was embarrassed to admit it, but when they finally did because of Brian LaFemina's push, the drop-off was staggering. What's more likely? That the team went from a waiting list to not-selling out, all in one offseason? Or that the team has been fudging the numbers for years and then finally decided to come clean that there were tickets for sale. Honestly, if you're still skeptical, go check out ticketmaster and choose the Bears game or any other upcoming game. The dots in blue are the seats that the Redskins are saying are unsold, primary market, available from the box office. There aren't all that many of them. The seats in pink are re-sale seats, secondary market. There are tens of thousands of them. For whatever reason, the Redskins are still embarrassed that so many seats are unsold, so they show seats as pink when really they should be blue. Last year, many of these seats showed as blue. The team is saying basically that all these seats have been purchased by someone who is now listing them for re-sale, when they're not sold at all.
  8. Coach Janky Spanky

    So about this Chicago Game?

    The sellout streak ended several years ago, not last year. Last year was when they finally admitted it. I'd guess the last true sellout was during the 2015-16 season, but who the hell knows.
  9. Coach Janky Spanky

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Huge missed opportunity but not surprising, as we have the weakest and most insecure GM in the league. A real, competent, secure front office would absolutely grab the opportunity here to flip an aging and unhappy but valuable player for multiple high draft picks. Instead, we've got Bruce Allen trying to convince Snyder that "we're close," that even though things are ugly on the field and in the stands, "we're close." Can't go trading our starting LT when "we're close." Can't fire me because I'm gonna get the stadium deal and, also, "we're close." Brutal. It's missing stuff like this, opportunities to reload presented on a silver platter, that has made us so devastatingly mediocre over the last 20 years.
  10. Coach Janky Spanky

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I feel basically the same way as you do. It's next to impossible for me to root for the Skins to have a poor season, but I'd stomach it if it meant major wholesale changes in the way the front office operates, which would be the only way we could achieve long-term success (i.e., something other than a wildcard berth every four years or so). But I've come around to the inescapable conclusion lately that it doesn't matter how bad we are. Why would a particularly bad 3-13 bloodletting convince Snyder that he's run this franchise into the ground and that it's time to act like a normal team and hire and empower a real GM? We've seen absolutely no evidence to lead to a conclusion that Snyder would ever do that. We keep relying on reason and common sense (if it gets reaaally bad, Snyder will change) when it's more than apparent that reason and common sense do not apply here.
  11. Coach Janky Spanky

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I didn't renew my season tickets this year after 20 years but nonetheless just received a box with the license plate holder and pin. I guess the sales office had to do something with the hundreds (thousands?) of extra license plate holders collecting dust in the office. I'm guessing there was a dramatic drop in renewals this year after people like me realized last season we could go on ticketmaster or walk up to the box office on game day and buy the exact same seats for the games we want to attend and not have to waste money on preseason and games in late December when we're 4-10.
  12. Coach Janky Spanky

    Season Ticket Renewals

    This is a good website
  13. Coach Janky Spanky

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    This may have been discussed earlier in this thread . . . but I think the question of whether or not we should have cut Alex Smith a few months ago hasn't gotten the discussion it deserves. We should have cut him and taken the entire cap hit in 2019. Anyone being honest about it (i.e. not Bruce Allen) could tell there was no way Smith plays in 2019. So why pay him for 2019 and 2020 when it's clear that by 2020 (or earlier) we'll have a long-term replacement at QB on the roster? I understand that PR-wise it may have looked bad to cut him so soon after such a serious injury, but they could've worked something out, like keeping him around as a "consultant" while he rehabs (or something like that). The way the front office ended up handling it, in my opinion, makes no sense. But it's typical of a front office that is insecure in whether it'll be around next season and keeps touting the "we're close" attitude to please the owner. A real franchise would've cut Smith, taken the full hit in 2019, drafted a QB in 2020 after an atrocious 2019 season. I think that decision/mistake could end up, long term, being one of those franchise-altering moments that we look back upon down the road, as impactful as the decision not to sign Cousins to a relatively inexpensive long-term contract during the 2015 season or 2016 offseason.
  14. Coach Janky Spanky

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I'm "arguing in support of" exactly what he said: that the Redskins need to earn something. I'm just using different numbers than he is to do so. Fine, we all know from your post above that the Redskins and Giants have each won 38 games over the past six seasons. We all know from my post above what the numbers are from 2000 to present. I don't know why the commentator chose six years, but let's go a little further to ten years. In those extra four years, the Redskins won 25 games. The Giants won 36 games and a Super Bowl. But here's another number for you: 40. The Giants were beating the Redskins 40-0 the last time I walked out of FedEx Field.
  15. Coach Janky Spanky

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yes, the Skins most definitely do need to "earn" something. I think fans (myself included) forget just how bad to mediocre we have been the last 18 years. Since 2000-01 season, inclusive: Super Bowl wins: Redskins 0; Giants 2 Playoff wins: Redskins 1; Giants 10 Seasons with 11 wins or more: Redskins 0; Giants 4 Seasons with four wins or fewer: Redskins 3, Giants 2