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  1. I'm surprised PIGSKINS has not had more discussion... we have always referred to ourselves as "Skins fans"... we could keep on doing it! 1) It keeps "Skins" for continuity sake 2) It pays homage to the Hogs from our glory years 3) It is football related since a football is referred as a "pigskin" 4) We could even keep our fight song intact!!!
  2. Realistically, we get in the playoffs... and the game in which we get eliminated from the playoffs it'll be a 23-10-ish loss and we'll be saying that Alex Smith needs to go because he's a statue in the pocket.
  3. Remember when Cleveland bailed out Houston by taking Osweiler's HUGE cap number AND Houston sent Cleveland a 1st round pick just to be rid of the contract??? Maybe we use OUR cap space to take Wentz PLUS Philthy gives us a draft pick. Thoughts? #HTTR
  4. Eagles 16 Redskins 26 Redskins get 7 sacks and Wentz may not finish the game. HTTR
  5. Just messing around with a few ideas that keep our color/theme intact...
  6. But if I had to choose what seem to be the favorites... Warriors... I guess this would work... we could put two Ws inside our logo like the Script R ... but with Script W W... the theme would be the same so pretty smooth. Redtails... Interesting... but at some point the woke police will say we are honoring a plane during an act of war against the Japanese... Redhawks... I guess some tribal leaders are referred to as Red Hawks so its just a mater of time before the mob comes for that name too... Skins... this won't fly... its essentially an abbreviation of the what h
  7. A Red siskin is a type of bird... this would serve 2 purposes... satisfy the mob... stick it to them as well cuz we could use the Script R helmet and everyone would still call them Redskins. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_siskin
  8. If we could get the Browns 1st round pick (probably 12-15 in the 1st rd)… coupled with our top 5 pick... I'm pretty sure Mike Tomlin could start the rebuild... We have Haskins, Scary Terry... solid front 4... oh, and our punter is good... lol But add those 2 picks in the top half of the 1st round AND use our high 2nd rounder to move back into the end of the 1st to get the 5th year option... I'd like this!
  9. Josh Norman is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad! I'm 47 and run like a 7.9 40 and I'm pretty sure I could scorch him for a 50 yard TD!
  10. I would feel sooooooooooooo guilty taking a bag of chips for him...
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