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  1. Said this before; burgundy jerseys and white pants at home, and white jerseys and burgundy pants on the road. That might not be popular, but that's what I've always wanted. I'm not a fan of the gold pants, however I'll take burgundy on the gold pants at home if need be. Anything besides white at home - so glad those days are over.
  2. As has been stated, there's no rule about the pant colors being the same for both teams. If the Redskins don't have the burgundy pants in the arsenal this year, I suspect it would be white-on-gold (like they did in the preseason game at Tenn). I know that last year they didn't have the burgundy pants because of the throwbacks, but I haven't heard that to be the case this year so for all I know they do in fact have the option of burgundy pants. As long as it's not white jerseys at home I'm good!
  3. So far as I know, the Cowboys are the league's only white at home team (aside from Thanksgiving when they wear their throwbacks). The Dolphins wear white at home, but if it's a primetime game they'll wear the tiel jerseys. Occasionally will sport white, but for the most part I think Dallas is the only consistent one. I remember reading somewhere that last year Cleveland wanted to wear white at home four times and brown at home four times (which I think is what they did this year). However when they submitted their color schemes to the league someone made a mistake and said white for all eight home games (plus two preseason). So they wore white for all 16 games last year, which was not their intention.
  4. The only thing that the Redskins committed to is wearing either their dark or white jerseys for each home game. I think every team submits it's jersey colors for every game sometime in the spring if I'm not mistaken. (I believe it can be changed if there's a compelling reason or something, but all of that is usually decided well before the season.) So given that the Redskins thankfully are now a team that wears colors at home, I presume they'll either wear the regular burgundy jerseys or the throwbacks. The throwbacks are burgundy, so it really doesn't matter what they decide to do so long as the jerseys are dark. (Unless of course they committed to wearing white at home for that game or something.) I know I'm kind of in the minority here, but I'm glad that they no longer sport the white at home for the most part. That's the only thing I disliked about Coach Gibbs; I never understood why it seemed like every other team got to wear their colors on their home field but the Redskins had to seemingly wear their visiting uniforms at home. I know there's no such thing as "home and away uniforms," but you get the point. Our field, our colors. I have no problem with the white jerseys, but just not at home. (And I'm glad that the Redskins have the burgundy and gold pants because at least when they're on the road the team colors are still on display.)
  5. You're right, I think they normally do wear their alternates on Thanksgiving. There was a game a few years ago where the Bears were granted permission to wear their red alternates as well on Thanksgiving, but assuming Dallas sticks with tradition the Redskins will probably be wearing white on Thursday. The last time I remember that happening was the Monday Night Miracle game (when Dallas also wore throwbacks). I remember thinking it looked so odd seeing the Skins wearing white in Dallas!
  6. I thought I remembered hearing that they were bringing the throwbacks out again for the Giants game. The NY Giants were the "original rival" for the Redskins when they first moved to DC, so it would stand to reason that they'd do it that game. Plus with the Giants wearing their original uniforms again that game would kind of look like a Skins/Giants game circa 1937 at Griffith Stadium. The other thing of course is that the Giants game is on a Monday Night, and I could see them wanting to showcase those unis on national TV. ---------- Post added November-16th-2012 at 08:46 AM ---------- In my opinion the white jerseys over burgundy pants are a great uniform...for the road. I like it because with the burgundy pants the Redskins' colors are still on display in some form even though they're away from home. Lately it seems they've been wearing white over gold on the road, and I'm not a fan of that look at all. For whatever reason the Steelers and Packers can get away with that look, but I don't feel it's the same affect with the Redskins. I guess it's similar to how some teams can get away with white-on-white, but the Redskins just don't look right in it.
  7. I grew up with the Gibbs teams also, and the white jerseys were the only thing I didn't like about Coach Gibbs. It's a small point of contention for sure, but I just always wished the Redskins could wear their colors at home just like everyone else. Dallas of course always wore white at home, and it always seemed like back then the Skins would always play at Philadelphia early in the season when Dick Vermeil/Buddy Ryan would dress the Eagles in white. So those would be the only two games that the Redskins would sort of be "guaranteed" to wear the burgundy jerseys and white pants. That may be why I like them so much, because it was always a special treat to see the Redskins wear them. I'm not a fan of the gold pants either, but I'll take them so long as they're wearing the burgundy jerseys at home. Although to appease both sides I like the idea someone had which was to wear them for four home and four away games each year.
  8. I hated...let me reiterate - HATED - all the years the Redskins wore white at home. It always seemed to me that almost everyone else wore their colors at home, why shouldn't the Redskins? Furthermore, why should another team get to come into RFK/FedEx and get to wear their home colors in the Redskins' stadium. (Granted they wore white at home well before visiting fans were a problem, however it's a wonder that so many of them started showing up; their team gets to dress like the home team when they come to play here!) I was thrilled when they started wearing burgundy at home, and contrary to what some people think I happen to have always loved the burgundy jerseys and white pants. The gold pants are okay, but I'd prefer the burgundy over white. I have no issue with white over burgundy pants, but for ROAD GAMES. Someone mentioned the throwbacks; I liked them, and I have no issue with the Redskins pulling them out once or twice a season. They did it against Carolina, and I suspect that we'll see them again against the Giants. You're allowed two alternate jersey games, and seeing that the Giants were the original rival when the team moved here I bet they bring them out again then. It's also before a national TV audience. That aside, if I never see white at home again I'll be happy.
  9. I don't have any inside info on this or anything, but I suspect that they'll wear the throwbacks for the homecoming game and for the Monday Nighter against the Giants. First off, it's a Monday Night national telecast. However given that it's the 80th anniversary of the team...the Giants were kind of the original "rival" back then due to proximity. Granted it's a much more respectful rivalry than the Redskins have with Dallas or Philly, but I bet they wear the throwbacks that game "for old times' sake." I was really disappointed in the white at home yesterday. I have to believe that they did that because it was an afternoon game for the heat. I've always maintained that if that's the reason you wear white your team's out of shape. But I hope they aren't going back to white every home game. I've always said I want burgundy jerseys and white pants at home, and white jerseys and burgundy pants on the road.
  10. As someone that's always wanted the Redskins to wear the burgundy jerseys and white pants at home, I like this move. But the way I understood it was that they'd start wearing them with the Pittsburgh game, not afterward...
  11. I agree. Here's my thing...if we wear white at home, that means that the other team wears their normal colors (most teams wear colored jerseys at home, aside from teams like Dallas). Seeing that it's our home field, I feel very strongly that we should display our colors proudly, and not allow some other team to come into our place and get to throw their colors around. I understand that in extreme heat such as week 1 there might be a certain advantage to wearing white jerseys, but I still like seeing our burgundy jerseys. I suspect that if we end up doing something great this season (going deep into the playoffs or going to/winning the Super Bowl) and we wear the burgundy jerseys the second half of the year we'll see them again next season.
  12. As a huge baseball fan, I see your point. But I have to disagree. Obviously white-on-white works fine in baseball. But in football (specifically in the NFL), it's not such a great thing. Some teams can make it work well as an away uniform, but not at home. For home games I want the burgundy jerseys and white pants, and the white jerseys and burgundy pants for the road games. Just my opinion...
  13. I don't think it necessarily has to do with us. It matters when you play those teams. This year we played the Eagles in week two and they wore white. The Eagles usually wear their whites at home early in the season when it's still fairly warm (supposedly wearing white is cooler).
  14. Although I wouldn't go so far as to say that the coach should be chosen by which home jerseys he wants to wear, I agree about wearing burgundy at home. That's one of the only things I dislike about Gibbs...he prefers the whites. I don't know why, he just does. The year Marty was the coach he brought the burgundy jerseys and white pants for home games, and that was great.