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Alright, we've got a poll that covers the worst commentators in the game...now how about a thread that covers the one's that do a grade A job? Yes, they do exist: Quality sports writers and commentators. Who are some of your favorites? This doesn't just cover guys in the booth, by the way. We're covering the entire journalism spectrum here in the world of sports. Writers, color-commentary, play-by-play; both local and national.

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Oh, I forgot Summerall! I loved watching the games on Fox when it was him and Madden in the booth. Very straight forward, no frills guy. Just called the game how he saw it.

Also...he did call the Redskins-Cowboys 1982 NFC Championship game when he (and Madden) still worked for CBS...didn't know that until I found some video on the internet.

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Pretty much anyone who covers the Redskins

Larry Michael





Kelly Johnson

Chic hernandez

Brian mitchell


Ray brown

and then my favorite tv commentators : Al and Madden

Wilbon is no longer on my list as a good commentator after the crap he said about #21 when he found out he had been shot. As far as I'm concerned it 'shot' Wilbon's credibility as a legit commentator.

In fact I emailed him pretty much saying that and called him a 'faux' journalist.

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Madden / Michaels is the best in the business for TV guys. I think Baldinger is the best for TV analysis. Very underrated.

As far as writers go? Here in Dallas, we've been fortunate enough to get a guy that came from the Boston area who has been doing a great job for the Dallas Morning News. His name is Albert Breer and he does an amazing job with stats and analysis. While all the other writers here in Dallas are only doing opinion pieces, he's actually putting some research into it and it shows.

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As far as broadcast teams go, I struggle to find a pair without flaw.

Singularly, Tirico is the most air-tight play-by-play guy, and Aikman is the best analyst.

Daryl Johnston, and Solomon Wilcots are both terrific analysts, but much like Aikman, are stuck with crappy play-by-play guys.

Jim Miller, ex-Bears, Pats, etc. QB., is an analyst for the NFL radio network. If given the chance, I believe he would rival Aikman as the best.

If the powers that be could clone Tirico, and provide him for each of these analysts, it would be a pleasure to listen to most games..:2cents:

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