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  1. Ernie Grunfeld is a terrorist and is a virus to this organization. He is in the same league as Vinny Cerrato, someone who doesnt know how to build a team, and the team wont get better until he is actually gone.
  2. Why does Ernie Grunfeld still have a job as our GM? How long has that loser been here? Fire him or i will hire someone to take him out!
  3. Just bet large that Mayweather WILL KO Ortiz And if anyone lives in NOVA, Champs bar at Fair oaks mall will be showing the fight, i believe its a $10 cover though
  4. Yeah does anyone know where they are going to be streaming the main event?
  5. Does anyone think we should fire Flip Saunders? He is hindering john wall imo
  6. Well Ernie is still an idiot anyone can tell you that, but i lke this trade, especially the first rounder. We gave up basically nothing for a 1st rounder, now we just have to use it wisely instead of on donks like Seraphin. And I hope both Ernie and Flip are gone next year, in fact i would bet you that atleast one of them WILL be gone if not both
  7. You dont have to be in your twisted definition of a top 15 player to be considered a superstar. The spurs and celtics both have multiple superstars on their teams, if you disagree then you cant be helped. And you cant honestly believe that Carmelo is not top 10, you just sound like a Melo hater because any person who knows the NBA will tell you he is one of the best scorers in the league. And if the Hornets dont improve then you better believe Chris Paul is gone, they arent going to do anything in the playoffs this year so they better hope they get better next year cause he is outta there.
  8. Lol do you even follow the NBA or are you just pulling **** out of your ass? The Spurs have always had 2+ superstars in each of their titles, lol so have the celtics Uhh, Chris Paul and Deron Williams are as good as gone. You will be shocked if they leave their teams? Again, do you follow the NBA? You do know that Chris Paul asked for a trade this offseason, and at Carmello's wedding, he joked that him, melo and amare will be on the same Knicks team in a couple summers And you said "notice how the Spurs are the best team without a top 15 player." Well, they did have 3 all stars this yea
  9. Carmelo > all those losers And it wasnt guaranteed that Carmello was going to hit the market next year, there was a lot of talk that he was going to sign an extension with Denver. And this is a great move for the Knicks, they now have a Big 3 with Chauncey coming over as well. They now have two of the best 10 players in the NBA both in the starting lineup, and if you dont think that Carmello is a top tier player then maybe youre not watching the same NBA as everyone else is. This is the same guy who scored 33 points in one quarter, and has average 20+ ppg every season he has played in.
  10. Yeah we need to get rid of both of them after this season And has anyone bought the student discount tickets?
  11. Will Floyd and Pac ever fight? Serious question.....im starting to think the answer is no wtf
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