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Rabach Says He'll Go

Dan T.

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From JLC's Reskins Insider

Posted at 1:53 PM ET, 10/16/2007

Rabach Speaks

Casey says he's feeling a lot better. Still too early to say anything for sure about this weekend, but as he joked himself, "I'm too dumb not to play." He'll rest and get treatment but the team is hopeful that even if Casey does not practice he may be able to play Sunday.


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Now if Wade can play we will be in good shape.

I have had a grade 3 (the worst) groin pull before and i will tell u that the day after i pulled it (rounding 1st going to 2nd in a softball game) i literally thought i was going to be bed-ridden for a month LOL. After about 3 days I could walk normally and after a week I was about 90%.

If he has a Grade 3 groin pull then he struggled to walk on Monday bigtime. If he had a grade 1 or 2 then he should absolutely be fine for Sunday .....even if he has a grade 3 w/their trainers/treatment he should be good for Sunday although now he feels like ****

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Just to bring an alternate viewpoint to the table, how about the idea of everyone playing this week and not playing against the Patriots. We give ourselves the best chance to beat the Cardinals that way.

With the Patriots...well, our defense is pretty good, but it's hard to imagine the Skins, as much as I love them, pulling off that upset. Secondly, there's rumor going around that star players "happen" to get injured playing the Patriots. So why not beat Arizona, write the Patriots game off, and come back at full strength against the Jets. Then we'd be sitting at 5-3 at the halfway point.

I kid of course, I want to win every game. But if you're going to sit people for a game to rest, I'd rather sit them against the world beaters and take our lumps for one week.;)

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Yup we'll def. need him. I hope he feels 100% though. B/c if not he should rest up for the Pats game.

If we do not have an o-line we may see another game like the Green Bay garbage. Arizona, is about as bad as us when it comes to consistency... Same goes for talent on both teams..

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