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  1. The game is blacked out on Comcast with the Direct TV Sports Pack. Ahh well, Anyone have a link? lol
  2. Just wanted to let any Direct TV users know that I just added the sports pack which includes Comcast Sportsnet for only $5 a month. You have to keep it at least a month or you will be charged a fee. I'm getting the Redskins kickoff show right now, although I'm not positive if the game will be blacked out or not. Still def worth it for $5
  3. 1. From 2005 2. From 2007 Here's a couple other photos: 1. 2005 2. 2008
  4. The first thing that needs to be done this offseason is BRING BACK THE DARK BURGUNDY UNI'S! That' right I said it. Our "burgundy" gets lighter and lighter every season and I think it's effecting our play. Pretty soon we may look like the Chiefs. You decide: 1. 2.
  5. I like this uni. It would be even better w/ our current burgundy helmet though.
  6. I hope not. I say give the players what they want for once. They have always said they would like to try out the burgundy on burgundy. They've been through a lot the last week and half. Do something to cheer them up and get them more excited to play.
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