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JLC-McCardell Deal


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Posted at 10:42 PM ET, 09/30/2007

McCardell Deal

From what I gather this is basically a done deal. Seems like everything is agreed to on both sides and I'd be stunned if WR Keenan McCardell is not practicing with the team by Monday.

The Redskins need to make a roster move to open up space for him, and that minor hurdle will likely be cleared this morning. McCardell has told other NFL players that he's a Redskin.

We'll have to see what all of this means. Yes, they have needed a bigger wideout for a long time, but Keenan has been a free agent for a while now and the timing is interesting, especially with Randle El thriving and Caldwell already here.

My first instinct is this could mean Santana is going to miss at least a few games, and the continued rush to sign vet. WRs - even if only to one year deals - can't speak well to Lloyd's tenure here and everything keeps pointing to him heading elsewhere in the offseason.

Also the Skins worked out 3 LBs, 2 DBs and 2 DL on Thursday, but I don't get the sense they are looking to sign any of them right now but more to get a handle on who is out there should injuries/need arise.

Didn't check on the other positions but I know the LBs all were young guys with NFL experience- Dennis Haley (former Raven), Jordan Beck (former Falcon) and Rian Wallace (former Steeler).

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Moss' injury and the second half injuries to McIntosh and Griffin have me more worried than anything else. I think the OL will be OK despite the loss of veteran players, which is a LONG way from saying the OL will be dominant.......a reality I think the Redskins coaches need to come to grips with vis a vis the attempt to push the Giants into the end zone last Sunday on two consecutive plays to end the game.

a little misdirection and cunning helps every now and again :)

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