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  1. Reminds me of this guy: I was thinking Garcia had more bulk but NFL.com has him listed at 6'1 205. Maybe better feet. Murry/Wilson like? Such a fun game.
  2. Seems to me that Turner's offense begs for the versatility of a running QB. I would think they would value Lance more so than most teams.
  3. I think Curtis Samuel makes alot of sense. 4.3 guy to fill the slot and another gadget option. Knows the offense and won't break the bank so much as the other potential FA WRs
  4. All strong points for the win. Terry resonates the most with me. I'm rooting for a win when normally I would be more inclined to watch the Tankathon race.
  5. Terry and that locker room speech has resuscitated my fandom. I owe you a debt of gratitude Terry.
  6. Did that for the 1st half. Payne generally had good push and disruption in both run and pass. Didn't show on the stat sheet or highlight reel but was impressive in my opinion.
  7. Watched the oline in slow mo. In pass sets Martin engages immediately at the snap at the LOS. Scherff surrenders ground immediately in a back pedal. This doesn't leave a pocket for Haskins to step up in. Im not sure why each would play with a different technique? Seem an odd way if by design...
  8. Rewatched the the first half. A lot of the play calling was empty backfield or getting skill players out in routs quick. Not really designed for a lot of downfield looks. The defense wont play soft and then rubs and quick separation become key for completion opportunities.
  9. This is my initial impression. Looks like some sort of modified Alex Smith dink and dunk game plan designed to protect Haskins and support the defense. The Arizona defense was playing the short game and forcing Haskins progression, with the pressure, the comfort level breaks down and the accuracy with it.
  10. This is directly from the WEF/UN/WHO/IMF are they the dumbest people in our society or just the most insane sociopaths? Or are they among the most powerful people in the world? Covid and vaccines are the pretext for control. But I will take your advise on the fresh air part. So all have a good day... But if you are threatened with the loss of your job? That is the mandatory part.
  11. If vaccines are mandatory they will need to be verifiable so Health Passports/Digital ID/Google Tracker all gives way to a social credit system, "The Public Private Contract."
  12. Tucker didn't mention it directly. It WHO language that mirrors the WEF. Catchy slogan? I'm not surprised. Most haven't heard of the Great Reset yet. That's the jist of it. Root of the problem is Capitalism and Democracy and Freedom. "China is the model and the Engine that will drive us forward." So yeah frightening.
  13. "Great Reset" stuff was on Tucker is why I said going mainstream. I know many here will completely dismiss it coming form Tucker but forget Tucker go to the World Economic Forum site and check the promotional videos. I don't want to derail my own thread with "conspiracy stuff" and I'm not an antivac person but the mandatory vac is certainly a safety for freedom conflict.
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