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  1. Snagletooth

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Vikings

    Didn't chart this, just the eyeball test, but it looks to me like we are running a lot less zone under Callahan. We were plagued with negative rushing attempts under Gruden and it appears that a philisophical change has given us competent rushing attack. It hasn't translated to points on the scorebaord but seems to be a step in the right direction.
  2. Snagletooth

    Next Coach?

    I'm sure Shanahan will give his endorsement.
  3. Snagletooth

    Next Coach?

    I'm curious how many coaching vacancies their will actually be for 2020? Could be fewer than normal. Unless there are some one and dones. Maybe Carolina or Atlanta if they don't rebound. Could bode well for us.
  4. Snagletooth

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    Haskins 14 yard scramble is our longest run of the season. We only have 3 runs on the season of 10+ yards.
  5. Snagletooth

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants

    It wonder if this is a function of the defense, schematically, being asked to essentially stop everything? Instead of attacking a weakness or stopping a best player it is reactive at all levels. Your D line is asked to "Stop the run on the way to the QB." Secondary plays off coverage so they can read the QB, jump routes, get turnovers, and at the same time don't let anyone over the top, and drive on anything underneath. Lb's cover and make plays sideline to sideline. Defense give me the same feel as the offensive running attack in that they play a little bit of everything and do it all poorly. Zone, Man, press, bail, off. About the only thing not mixed in are stunts on the DL and I don't ever recall seeing CB blitz. Not sure what they have to lose by simplifying.
  6. The game plan was to get the ball in McLaurin's hands via swinging gate. Then McLaurin tweeked the hamstring and Roullier's knee tightend up. The game plan had to be scrapped midweek!
  7. Snagletooth

    Next Coach?

    I would be pretty happy with Matt Eberflus or Kris Richard especially if we kept OCKOC.
  8. Snagletooth

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    Running backs carried the ball 19 times with zero negative rushing plays. I will take that as a positive. Maybe the game plan called for the more simplified approach many of us have been calling for? To my eyes there was less zone, we got down hill more. 67 yards rushing against a strong Bear defense despite getting way down on the scoreboard. Case had a terrible game with the turnovers obviously. Made some bad decisions too and held the ball too long but I'm looking at Gruden for putting Case in difficult situations. Should have featured the quick game more extensively and you can't allow Mack to win the game all by himself. Defensively It looked to me that we played a lot more man and bump and run. Overall a lot less passive defensively. I'm not sure if that is a function of desperation, save our jobs, or just disrespect for Trubisky? I expect we will go back to default Gruden defense next week.
  9. Snagletooth

    This might be the worst Redskins running team I've ever seen

    Jay is going to get fired. He should go down swinging. Convert Harmon to RB/WR. Put in Haskins and sling it from shot gun 90/10 pass/run ratio.
  10. Snagletooth

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Cowboys

    37.5 yards rushing per game so far vs 168 given up. 130.5 differential.
  11. Snagletooth

    Have we seen and heard enough from Norman yet?

    He is getting older and slower and the game is getting faster. Love Normans physicality he matches up well with an Alshon Jeffery or Dez type. Not so much with with the speed guys. Getting beat over the top for 50+ when dropping 8 is on Montae and coaching.
  12. Snagletooth

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    Jay just seems really confused about what he wants this team to be. He is a passing guy. That's what he does well. The only thing he does well. Now he wants to construct a team that wins low scoring games. So he implements this confused Gay Jruden run first finesse/mixed bag rushing attack that doesn't really compliment the play action game or his personnel. Then has the D play soft zone behind that so they can keep down the score by shortening the game. Then it all has to be abandoned to throw every down anyway.
  13. Snagletooth

    This might be the worst Redskins running team I've ever seen

    He did last year against the Titans. When were pulling bodies off the street on Wednesday to play on Sunday and had to simplify the blocking scheme. We had one of our better weeks rushing. Just reduced a lot of the no gain/negative run plays.
  14. Snagletooth

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Trent --> S.F. --> 2nd --> Miami --> Minkah --> Bama Skins.