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  1. What is Medical Science? Seems highly influenced by politics/media. To watch "news" It would seem that democratic cities would be able to play because they have handled the situation so brilliantly while Red "Skin" states are in a complete death spiral so no way they could play. Narrative matters.
  2. I like the Redhawks/Redtails so far. Fine with Warriors. I'm also angry so we could go with Washington Progress or Washington Pride Then I could be done with NFL.
  3. Sorry. Its poking fun a little bit but is a serious question. I dont think the Redskins name is racist personally but in these times anything can be spun or construed to fit the narrative.
  4. How do you all feel about the "Original Sin Theory?" White secular Libs have a human need for penitence but with no belief in god they have exchanged BLM with the bowing and boot kissing stuff. If you are one of those from Bethesda bowing to BLM how do you square that with supporting the racisist Redskins?
  5. I heard open beach will have some rules like, masks obviously, but also no sunbathing? No coolers or upbrellas? Is that true? I don't think the protests were fake news but I'm not saying they are representative of the population either. And I don't think we will "flip" California. Just that it will give pause to some who whould have not even considered the idea in the past. #Walkaway
  6. 5% of the American population if I can do math would be like 16 million people when curreent death totals are around 85K. I don't think sacrifice would be an accureate description either. Also 50 million babies "sacraficed" since RvW.
  7. I don't live by a beach anymore and don't go to bars or strip clubs and I'm not sure how death is associated with beaches either. But I do want my dog park open again.
  8. The lockdown had been primarily to buy time for the Hospitals. So that they would not be overwhelmed. We have done that to a large extent and learned more about the virus too. Coming out of lockdown will expose more of us. We are all going to potentially be exposed to at some point regardless of when we open up. And we now better understand who the high risk groups are. For the young and healthy they are ready to get back to Life and Work and hope to salvage the economy before its too late, for them much of this nightmare is over. The stress is beginning to be replaced with more hope and its uplifting and the open up policies align with that while the lockdown policies align with more fear and oppression.
  9. Ok thanks. Maybe I will just dip my toe in the waters. I have been over in the Stadium, really since the inception of ES, and I love the community, but wanted some political talk too. I browsed around just a little bit and to me the tone in the political threads struck me as a little Mobish. Anyways I was thinking that with the push back and protest against the lockdown policies, this might give pause to a lot of democratic voters in their own deep blue states. Gavin Newsome says you cant go to the beach. Alot of young healthy low risk people can't like that. Politics is typically about promising to give people what they want. Everyone wants this nightmare to go away. Conversely, DeSantos has the beaches open in Florida allowing people to get back to normal. I just think there will be an overwhelming gratitude to having things open and its the Conservative side that is mostly pushing open up policies. That has to favor Trump especially if the storm has passed and we approach election time.
  10. This is my first time in the Tailgate. I have just browsed around a little. Seems like a Lib orgy? Is conservative thought tolerated here?
  11. The quick feet seemed to be translating to crisp routs and seperation. Some Sims hightlights look alot like the Judy highlights I had watched this offseason.
  12. Does he remind anyone else of Steve Smith Sr. at least in play style? A sub 4.4 guy who plays with a physical edge, a threat on every level?