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Just another day on Extremeskins


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I definitely will be spending some time on that site later tonight!!

For once in his life, jrock has a date with a "late-night" website and it's not porn....In an unrelated story, traffic is expected to be much slower on adult sites tonite, during jrock's time spent on his new video addiction site.....

just kiddin, bro....just couldn't resist the tempting "late-night" comment you made :)

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Damn, why do I always have to play the romantic lead. Even guys with magnificent nipples want to kick a little *** sometimes.

For the first time in my life, I MUST say that I'm feeling self-conscious and low-self-esteemed about the size of my........nipples.

I just measured myself, and my nipples are only 1 inch long - and that's while I'm aroused :paranoid:

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i had a good one but then accidentally deleted it. it starred an attention whore and TK.

Lemme guess - the attention whore called his Talent Agent, who told the attention whore to hold out for money, thus ruining your movie.

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