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Bring in Olindo Mare? Resolve the Kicking situation


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Do you feel that the redskins need to bring in someone to compete or take the job from Suisham? Mare is experience and I have heard alot of good things, but I'm not too sure if he is a good kicker any more. Would this be a good idea since the Fins are close to signing Jay Feely to take the K job away from Mare. I like what Suisham showed in the last weeks of the season but honestly do you trust in a clutch situation? I am just hoping that they are not satisified in Suisham and at least bring in some compeitition in training camp/preseason to challenge Suisham?

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Im good on Mare, and Hall's @** should have been gone already! I would rather have to chew through my own arm and have to beat myself with it, then have Hall back on this team.

We have sushi-shammy, he will be in charge of the kicking duties, or anyone that can beat him out at the same price. John Hall is as worthless as teets on a boar.

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We have Hall, he'll win the job.


Yeah good old Johnny Hall, who is still on the roster for some reason...I don't know if they're waiting until June 1st...again why? They can't be seriously considering letting him compete for this job...

Let the kid Suisham have the job, try to get him going. He had a strong finish and hopefully he can parle that success into a long career here.

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I was wondering why with free agency starting no one was talking about this. It's about time somebody addressed it.

All I know is Hall is done and he has got to go. He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn these days.

I like Mare. I remember seeing him hit that 60 yard game winner in the closing seconds against the Bronco's a couple years back.

We need SOMEBODY who is consistent and stable... We haven't had a reliable kicker since Chip Lohmiller. Go figure we haven't had a winning TEAM since then... :doh:

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What I want to know is, with the big free agent shopping spree we did last season, why didn't we go after Adam Vinitieri?! Hall had a bad year (2 actually) before then too so it's not like you can say hindsight is 20/20.

Well for one thing it turned out good for us that we didn't pursue Adam. We weren't one player away, and we still aren't. Adam would've collected a big paycheck at a position we don't need to be giving huge dollars to....

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did you watch any fins games recently? Mare does not have a strong leg, and has seen a significant drop off in his performance the last few years. not a great option at all.

his Kicking Stats 2006

range: 1-19: 0-0

20-29 : 10-10

30-39: 6-8

40-49: 9-12

50+: 1-6

Tot 26-36

Lg Blk Pct

52 2 72.2

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