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  1. I loved seeing the uniforms from today! I've missed those burgundy pants! They look good, we have a winning tradition with them, and we won today. I hope to see them stay when we wear white jerseys. I'm hoping to see the white pants with burgundy jerseys again too. They look good and it's what we wore when we won our Superbowl's. Plus it fits better with the style in this day in age. It's rare to have both tradition and modern style fitting together and these uniforms do that. We have a long tradition of winning with these Redskins uniforms, and I hope to see them stay. Get rid of the ugly mus
  2. These are some of the favorites that I did back in the day. Especially Harry Manning :lol: Page 9 has some good ones.
  3. It looks like we've lost a lot of the photos. The first page has a bunch of "Tripod.com" stuff where the photos used to be.
  4. I couldn't help but remenis about this thread during the Giants game, and it's so much better looking at it AFTER the game when we beat Eli and his team.
  5. I wish they would bring back the same pants in the uniforms used in Joe Gibbs Era. The white pants with the burgundy & yellow stripes were much better looking than the dark yellow currently being worn, as was the burgundy pants in combination with the white jerseys.
  6. I came back just for this thread. I needed something to make me feel better after tonights game. Mission accomplished.
  7. I luv u texasthunder. I couldn't get this game anywhere and I'm not even that far from Washington. (The NFL and their stupid Ravens force fed monopoly.) Thank you for the feed.
  8. I don't like the banana pants. The white pants with the stripes look much better.
  9. How can you give a team that's called the REDskins black uniforms??? I say heck no! ---------- Post added March-19th-2012 at 02:21 PM ---------- I like the jerseys from the 80s through now and think we should keep them. That said if they were to update the striping to something like the Broncos stripe which is en vougue is be open to it only if its a similar look as the regular jerseys meaning the should keep the same color combo.
  10. I'm not one to take joy in someone elses pain, but if it means many more can have joy I'll make an exception. This actually give me the perfect idea. WOOOOh!
  11. I think the gold pants need to be burried in history never to be seen again. That is hideous. I'd give corvette millenium yellow a try, but the gold is just fugly.
  12. THANK YOU! I have been searching all over the internet looking for the game and couldn't find it. It's also very sad that I live within the area and I cannot find the game on any single channel on TV. (I don't have NFL Network or Comcast Cable.) You would think the NFL would be interested in having DC stations on Dish Network just as much as Baltimore Stations. I live right in between both city's (Carroll County) turf, and also a portion of the Steelers turf. So it is really sad when all things considered that this game is not on TV in the area. :mad: Thank you guys so much for providing a wo
  13. I need help too. It's pretty bad that I live in Maryland and I can't even watch Redskins games on TV because they absolutely refuse to play them or give us any of the DC channells. It's real bad when the Ravens are playing, but it really peaves me off when they're not playing and they STILL won't show you the Redskins playing. (They'll play the Eagles or Steelers in stead.) :mad: We have tried and tried to get the DC local channels (whether via cable or sattilite) but the NFL and the networks absolutely refuse it. I would think that since I lived in Maryland that wouldn't be such a big fat fr
  14. I really don't like the uniform in that pic. I think it looks ugly. Though does anyone else notice that it looks like a football is bulging out of Clinton Portis' bicep in that pic? lol
  15. I think the gold pants are hideous. I remember when we had those throwback uniforms on during the NFL's anniversery season that one season in the mid-90s and I was watching the Redskins play and my Uncle walked in and checked out the football game I was watching and his first reaction was "Eww man! Who's wearing those ugly uniforms!?" and he pointed out the Redskins colors. He had no clue who was playing with those throwback uniforms. I have to say that I agree with him. Those uniforms were butt ugly and so was the franchises 75th anniversery uniforms for that matter. I'm glad that is over w
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