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  1. a good overall article on why walking dead is becoming much better Four episodes in, the fifth season of the show has traded the unwieldiness of a katana for the surgical precision of a scalpel. Not many series have been able to make a creative leap so late in their run, but surprise reanimation has always been The Walking Dead’s thing. As I said at the top, the show doesn’t need to be good. But I’m so pleased that suddenly, surprisingly, it very much is.
  2. i cannot swallow the fact that the tested, veteran, suspicious, rick& crew didn't post a guard while they camped out at the church. they now have nightvision and silencers fer crying out loud!
  3. i think that they have nicely built in several reasons that the Gov is ready to ditch merle--the lying about killing michone, the brother relationship, and also the bit where merle told the gov that it would be impossible to clear and take over the prison-which rick and co did with fewer resources. it shows him that he could not completly rely on/trust him. i think the inside man story will come up again-if the brothers escape to the prison--especially if they escape too easily
  4. National Defense

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    i get an error "exceeded the number of streams for your country" any one know if the plugin they advertise is legit?
  5. National Defense

    The Figure Four - ALL Things ECW-WWF-NJPW-TNA-ROH-AEW

    thats right-WWE corporate planned the whole thing in advance