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Favorite NFL Head Coach

method man

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Who is your favorite NFL head coach? Mine is Jack Del Rio. I love his attitude. He is a young coach who is always able to motivate his team with a strong personality. He also actually believes in his players and regularly goes for it on 4th-and-1 and 4th-and-2 situations. He is also not afraid to make a change as he has benched a not-so-bad QB for an even better one (which most coaches *cough* Gibbs *cough*) wouldn't do. He cares about winning 1st and loyalties come 2nd.

You mean besides Joe Gibbs ? :D .. If I have to pick a coach i have to say Bill Cowher.

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:laugh: Hey Monk, where did ya get this? who stuffed up?

Here's the thread made about. Both NFL.com and CBS.com reported preemptively that the Cowboys had won on a Vanderjagt FG before the block I guess. I figured it would make a fitting sig after someone posted a screenshot they got of it. I'll probably change it after the week but I still laugh when I see it :silly:

And for the record, I picked Cowher because I assumed the thread wanted to know besides Gibbs, who's your favorite coach ;)

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