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  1. redskns21

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Sorry for the late reply and I guess it might not matter but here's a link to the article I was referring to,
  2. redskns21

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Apparently he's worried about being at risk for Covid by turning himself in, this according to his lawyer.
  3. redskns21

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    From his interview this week at the Super Bowl I believe Rivera said they've been holding off on all roster evals untul 2/10 and at that point they're discussing the entire roster and next steps. That could be why there's been no movement on TW just yet. Plus he's under contract so..
  4. redskns21

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    One thing I’ll add here is that if we get him, he makes everybody on the d-line better by commanding an extra blocker. He’s a special player IMO, I’d be happy to have him.
  5. redskns21

    Recent TV Show About Sean Taylor And His Death

    So very tragic, I hate that Rivera didn't get life TBH, I get that he was a juvenile but he really didn't seem to care. On another note, I watch a show on the same network called body cam and Anthony Montgomery was recently "featured" on an episode.
  6. redskns21

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    If you look at the pics of the dog from the articles, it's clear that the poor dog that passed was not just a lab, there was another breed or 2 mixed in. Very similar to my dog who I think has some great dane and maybe even a little greyhound mixed in but he certainly has the ears of a pit. In any case, they're making it seem like their dog is completely innocent and was just a lab (who most Americans love like a poodle or golden retriever) and that the dog did nothing wrong. I hate that the dog lost her life but in this case it would seem that it may not be that TW's dogs were the aggessor espeically in light of the vids and pics of that poor dog that supposedly got attacked first. Having said that, it doesn't deserve the callous response that TW gave and the complete lack of empathy from his camp. It's a really unfortunate situation and it sucks that Trent didn't handle it better with the media. I'm still not cool with having an SPCA type shelter for 9 or so dogs on the property no matter the breed just seems overboard but I don't know that it's fair for me to judge that either. I will judge his lack of empathy for any animal that lost thier lives, saying what he did wasn't okay.
  7. redskns21

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    lol, well just like humans some dogs are assholes, give her to Bruce! We adopted a lab mix over the summer, I have a heck of a time with him around other dogs too though he's babied and pampered I feel I have to keep him at a distance until he can warm up to the other dogs. It's a tough situation when you don't know the history but sounds like your girl might be a little traumatized from before you adopted. Here's a link to the TMZ article with a pic of the kennels.
  8. redskns21

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I believe there were some on TMZ. It certainly doesn’t fit a residential area IMO, looked like a dog pound. Sad.
  9. redskns21

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I'm not a pit lover nor do I own one and never have but this is just not a great comment. I can see the "logic" behind it but 99% of a dog's lifestyle and behavior is based on the owner and how it's raised and cared about. it's true what you say about inbreeding and what horrible owners/breeders do but you can't paint that broad of a stroke IMO, honeslty the same can be said about a purebred doggo!
  10. redskns21

    Are we just gonna ignore how terrible tre Quinn is

    He really needs to stop running out of bounds!
  11. But, we were close and 6-3 with Alex!
  12. redskns21

    Twitter: Raw Video of Intoxicated Jay Gruden Leaks

    I can't wait until someone does this back to Bruce Allen, pathetic!