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Met Moss, Lloyd, Dockery and others at a bowling alley


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how tall are you, i'm tryn figure out Moss's real height

I'm 6'4" Santana is pretty compact.

How big was Dockery? I hear he's huge...is that true? Hard to gauge on the field. Met Jacoby once and he was a beast...and I am 6'3 245#s

Dockery is Huge. Killings is pretty big too

Awesome pics but dude that shirt has to go lol

My wife says the same thing, but I love my Tommy Bahamas.

Damn that was pretty cool. Which bowling alley was it btw?

Somewhere in Ashburn. We had an open bar at dinner so the ride over was a blur.

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I'm not one that idolizes the players and hounds them for their autographs and such, because they are just as human as we are, but it's great to see that Brandon and Santana are already hanging out together. They're going to be a dynamic duo without a doubt. I heard that Brunell was already raving about Lloyds leaping catches on the practice field. Not to mention what a nightmare it's gonna be for teams when we line Randle El up in the slot. That's the perfect tri-fecta to stretch the field with!!!
Thanks for sharing. :rolleyes:

The rest of us groupies would love the chance that SoCal got to be able to meet players from our favorite team.

I'd love to know if you considered what Cal did (hounding for autographs?)

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SoCal that was way cool and thanks for getting the pics...I think I'd try to talk to them too damn much :laugh:

You did great bud, classy stuff, and they sound as cool as we always hear they are. I like hearing about them out in a group like that and doing something down to earth.

Reminds me too of the diff in being on the team in terms of how you relate and being a fan...you know, like how so many of us hate on JT, but he's really well liked by his team mates, hell they always brag on his ability...btw, we may want to take a look at you for OL depth, though you may have to set down the beer :laugh:

TJ is actually really cool in person. i met him about two weeks ago at a pool hall. bought him a crown and coke and he signed my Skins hat and took a couple photos with my friends phone.

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I do not believe you at all. Where are the pics? :laugh: :jk:

That would be a dream come true for me. I am big on bowling, have been running the Pro Shop in the local bowling alley for 5 years and counting so far. Unfortunatly, no celebs stop by. Being so close to Atlantic City, you would think that they would. :whoknows:

Anyway, congrats dude! Great work on having the camera handy! :)

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Out of my own life, I know how big some of these linemen are. Remember Tre Johnson? He works at my school now, as a history teacher and track coach. The man is the incarnation of huge, not fat, all muscle. He is pretty much the biggest person I've ever seen in my life.

He is also an awesome guy, and I talk football with him all the time.

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