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Met Moss, Lloyd, Dockery and others at a bowling alley


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I'm 6'4" Santana is pretty compact.

Dockery is Huge. Killings is pretty big too

My wife says the same thing, but I love my Tommy Bahamas.

Somewhere in Ashburn. We had an open bar at dinner so the ride over was a blur.

Dude, i've lived in ashburn for the last 14 years and there isn't a single bowling alley in ashburn.

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the bowling alley they are at is called Village Lanes, it is in leesburg VA about 15 min from ashburn. i go their a couple times a week.

yeah ok, that makes sense then, im aware of the leesburg and drainsville locations....thanks

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It's getting to be a real pain living in Ashburn. Everywhere you go there are friendly approachable Redskin players, willing to have their picture taken, signing autographs. Can't they just leave the fans alone :doh:

:applause: :laugh: Very creative....next they will be bothering us by having parades through DC and tying up traffic carrying around some silly shiny metal football on a pedestal.

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