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  1. or we could go with Washington EXTREME Locals
  2. Exactly as expected. Perfect, thank you.
  3. Because one believes in an outcome whole heartedly does not mean they have any emotional stake in the game. You repeatedly point out how much you look forward to the suffering of those that do care while not caring one iota yourself. So, let's make it interesting. Yes, I said "less than zero" and yes, we all know this is mathematically impossible. It was after all said for emphasis. To make it up to you I propose a bet, you get WFT/C, I get a real name, 100 of my dollars vs your 1 AND the loser also immediately leaves the board for 6 months. Agreed?
  4. of course the team has paid attention to articles and what trends on social media as it relates to the issue at hand. going forward the team will want the old logo and name usage at a minimum. the amount of fans doing such will be less and won't last as long with an actual new name/brand. to prevent sticky situations on game days alone they need to get new gear out there to replace the old, as quickly as possible. again, much easier done with a real name and identity. there is less than zero chance of WFT or anything similar, and the new name has already been selected. probably fo
  5. why are you so hell bent on arguing? here on the forum and in every related articles comments section WFT supporters say things like...if it can't be redskins leave it WFT and we can still just call them the redskins..... the team cannot risk leaving that window of opportunity open. the next name needs to be iron clad with zero chance of being "cancelled"and the team can't even be accused of leaving it ambiguous on purpose.
  6. it makes sense to anyone that understands why many, if not most, supporters of WFT do so. put it this way, the team isn't going to spend millions of dollars rebranding to a no name situation leaving themselves open to immediate or future criticism for not fully closing the door on "redskins".
  7. Fair enough, you "don't care". However, you will also be "rooting harder". Forgive my confusion. The larger point is that the name CAN'T be WFT or any derivative. The team must fully close the old chapter AND open a completely new one.
  8. Prepare to be disappointed, along with every other WFT/WFC proponent. Simply because the slightest perception could exist, FOREVER, that going that direction was a F U to those that demanded the change and, or not a true or clean break with redskins. It will not be WFT or WFC.
  9. Watching the latest clip from J Wright in my feed I fear they will go with something like... Washington/DC Heroes
  10. believing the name has already been selected. knowing the colors will remain. examining the parameters Wright has laid out....bridging the past and future etc, not too many names comfortably fit... Redwolves - or wolves derivative. ticks the most boxes Thunderbirds - however the no NA imagery makes this one tricky. it does make sense regionally though. Razorbacks - for obvious reasons. yes arkansas has this locked so who knows. plus not really indicative of the DC metro. Warriors - the easiest transition but also the easiest to complain and whine
  11. yeah, that was said but it is not truly going to happen. if that was really possible there would be no "journey", need for a specific website , or any other promotional stuff. there is an actual name, it has already been selected and we are just waiting for their most opportune moment to announce it. they said "2022" so we could have less than a year if announced before the draft.
  12. agreed. if the FO feels the same they have a year or a bit more. i believe the name has been chosen and is only known by a very few.
  13. it just makes me wonder. given all that goes into a complete and permanent rebrand, plus the fact that they chose WFT so as not to rush, why give ANY timeline at all? yes, it is only the year and they didn't specify day one of 2022 but 2021 is already 2 months down. depending on when the announcement is made i assume we are looking at a wait of 1 year to 18 months with the latter being less likely as it would be right at the start of the season and they will want the new gear out before then. so I'm thinking 15 months or so from now is most likely. not really a lot of time if you haven't even
  14. so, does the launch of washingtonjourney.com along with the phrase "New Name, New Era" and statement "the future of washington football arrives in 2022" suggest that the name itself has already been selected?
  15. the whole thing has me.....well....conflicted. i like the font though.
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