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  1. with any "normal" team sure. my point was this IS the redskins we're talking about so all bets on normalcy are definitely off.
  2. maybe, or maybe not. simply precluding someone from speaking to other teams doesn't necessarily mean there were interested parties. logically this makes little sense but consider the source...
  3. if one wants dan to sell the team they will need to give up nfl football completely. can't go to games, watch or buy merchandise in any way that can be tracked to the skins market. the nfl stepping in due to lost profits is the only hope, short of a huge scandal of course.
  4. this is how think it went down - season ends and bruce convinces dan the low attendance, sales and general unhappiness is due to lafemina and co. so they get the axe. however, due to bruces already burgeoning unpopularity this actually causes a backlash and the #firebruceallen mantra grows instead of slowing down. desperate to do something, and manusky being already in the doghouse with fans, bruce decides to sacrifice him to take the heat off and appease the bloodlust. but....he waited too long, the best choices are gone and now he's shown his hand AND humiliated his current DC...making the situation, as per usual, the worst possible scenario and shamefully embarrassing.
  5. bruce would still somehow talk him out of it. i swear, bruce freaking allen is the dan whisperer.
  6. 1) YES, I'm good with firing everyone to let the world know there are wholesale changes. and one doesn't publicly interview potential replacements while the job holder is still in place. proves disfunction and instills confidence in no one involved. its not a question of manusky KNOWING he needs to do better, it is all about CAN he do better. 2) the sky HAS fallen. are we so beat down as a fanbase that....woo hoo...we won 7 games, FIVE times in a row? that is a defeatist mentality. a sub .500 performance doesn't generally equal much post season football. 3) no it isn't. no we don't, unless those few things happen to be the rest of the NFCE vanishing into the bermuda triangle.
  7. the only true consistency with the franchise is this - whatever needs to be done, even if it is to do absolutely nothing, the skins will find the way to go about it in the worst possible way, with the most embarrassing results imaginable.
  8. the redskins team itself and the fans are to the greater organization like the local kids that get a bum rap because their parents suck. why would anyone of proven merit or a high potential up and comer WANT to come here? we are living one of the longest, if accidental, experiments in nfl history and the results are obvious. no matter the experience level, personality type or philosophy of the head coach this model fails. even when dan, supposedly, ceded control of the most expensive plaything in the history of the world he did so only relinquishing control to a power hungry egomaniac. whose only real goal is to stay in command by discrediting and disparaging those around him and distracting fans from the inevitable with legacies and shiny baubles. proven coaches know time spent here will likely tarnish their own legacy and it has been proven that young coaches need to move on to gain success or be recognized. it does not work here, nothing does, and there is 20 years of data proving it. the only bait left for coach is the proverbial brinks truck, but once they realize that for all that money they won't be allowed to succeed they'll end up looking just as befuddled and discouraged as jay on the sideline.
  9. onedrop

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    no, it is a matter of logic at this point. a one armed man can enter a rowing contest and want to win more than everyone else but simply doesn't have the capacity to compete. he can put "everything into it" but at the end of the day he should have taken up darts.
  10. none. picking another team doesn't punish dan/allen enough as they still get paid from profit sharing. the only way to effect real change is to let the nfl know that dans absolute ineptitude and 20 year failure has killed your need for football all together. with an already declining number of new fans, a great number of long term, die hards giving up the sport entirely will make a fiscal impact. and could cause the powers that be to step in, one way or the other. the nfl is about nothing if not profit. touch their pocketbook, not dans.
  11. onedrop

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    whats manusky's excuse? at the least he should be fired immediately.
  12. great, so with smith we play "prevent" offense....awesome.
  13. onedrop

    Post-game apathy thread: We're baaaack

    lets leave the wombs out of this but yeah, all of those things and the sheer longevity of the suckage.
  14. onedrop

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    agreed. its a bit strange, almost as if gruden is better suited to a more primitive game.....i don't know maybe like THE ARENA LEAGUE? jokes aside, or half jokes, i don't think he's a "bad" coach. I've thought since the beginning that gruden looked overmatched most games and in general. needless to say he hasn't done much to dispel that idea. one thing i know for sure, if he straight gives up on another game when we still have a chance to win, literally quits trying, i am done with him