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  1. im right there with ya my friend.
  2. my point was that QB's do get knocked permanently out of the game due to injury. or, like our "beloved" rg3, have those careers drastically altered ending all question of what may have been. personally i like tua over burrow myself but if i was making the choice his recent injury history would at the very least give pause and a serious discussion about long term viability would be in order. FWIW i wasnt looking at it from the perspective of only the BEGINNING of a QB's career. see, that wasnt too painful....
  3. tell that to joe theismann, or andrew luck or maybe even alex smith. i get what you are saying but it has, does and will happen again.
  4. true but this is the Skins we're talking about so who knows. doubly interesting if Doug's title shifted to "player development".
  5. so i guess the announcement of the new GM is imminent?
  6. onedrop

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    OH NO! wait, was he even asked to be there? you present this has a negative on Haskins' part without even knowing the answer to that question.
  7. apologies, i was being facetious.
  8. @thesubmittedone The good sign here is that Rivera acted against his coaching impulses and sat Cam. Which certainly gives us room for hope regarding how he’ll be as an executive. It’s indicative of his ability to separate himself from roles depending on the context (though one can argue that it was more about how Cam looked on the field and how he wouldn’t have helped them win much than anything else). The bad sign here is that Vermillion either didn’t have the necessary authority or didn’t recognize the severity enough to make that decision himself. You don’t really want to see coaches having to decide that. it could also indicate the level of trust between Vermillion and Rivera. and that Rivera prefers to deliver such news to players directly. on a side note, someone needs to find out if Ryan is related to Texas Jack.
  9. onedrop

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    so for the sake of one argument KOC has really only been in charge of a few games and you define him as too inexperienced. yet when it suits the current situation you want the whole years stats laid at his door?
  10. i paraphrased "a persons ethnicity shouldnt be a concern" when describing anothers post. i know exactly where the world at large and the US specifically stand. both currently and historically. again, i only (mistakenly) contributed anything because i found it amusingly ironic in a thread about moving the needle so to speak someone was told to get out because they had a varied opinion. kind of like "you can only be in this thread if you discuss what is accepted and in the manner that is approved by thread management" i never suggested "wiping" away anything. i just hope to get to a place in time where peoples differences do not automatically trigger undeserved prejudices.
  11. no, we can leave it right kind arent allowed in here anyway...remember?
  12. and what precisely could i have possibly said to lead you to this assumption? that is a gigantic leap. to not only assume, but state that you know another person's intent is negative merely because their position might not align exactly with yours. therefore YOU get to decide that I should omitted from the thread based on assumption and preconceived notions. that is gloriously ironic. you seem miffed simply because not everyone is beating on the same drum as hard as you are.
  13. well it should be. it makes me very happy that my children's generation has far fewer embedded societal prejudices than mine. i hope that trend continues until a time where no one is "judged" based on anything other than deeds alone.
  14. i never said "this isnt important" nor do i feel that way. from what i read the in side discussion that lead to my post no one else did either. it was merely stated that a persons ethnicity wasnt a concern and that all people were viewed the same. in the end, isnt that the exact final goal? trust me my friend, i am not "overly concerned". i just found it ironic.