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Fiscal and social moderate.

BTW - what the hell does fiscal conservative mean these days anyway? Tax cuts and spending increases? The only difference between the two ideologies is when the debt is paid - conservatives finance the debt and liberals raise taxes to pay for it now. There is no longer an option for "stop/slow spending"

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Generally speaking, I am a fiscal conservative, social liberal.

I like tax cuts but not at the expense of the future.

I like small Government to an extent but I think we must do what we can to avoid prevent starvation and homelessness.

I think minimum wage is way too low and it should be related to inflation and rise gradually rather than having sporatic increases that impact business all at once.

I believe in a well-funded military.

I support the death penalty

I don't support warrantless wiretaps but I do support warranted wiretaps and I think the FED should be conducting extensive warranted wiretaps.

Support the war in Afghanistan

In late 2002 I said I would support the war in Iraq as long as the claims of WMD's were true. I stand by that opinion.

I think the war on marijuana is a huge waste of tax payer $$$.

Universal healthcare is inevitable.

The cieling on social security tax should be doubled or perhaps a stipulation where you pay social security taxes on the first 100K out of every million you make (so if you make 2 million/year you would pay SS on 200K of that rater than only 120K).

Agree with affirmative action but only until we have an even playing field after which it should be phased out.

Favor more controls on big oil so we do't get fleeced again by price fixing big oil who have the White House and much of congress in their pockets.

Support strict and drastic campaign finance reform, strict and drastic lobbying reform. This won't happen with the Republicans in charge.

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I am just wondering where everyone stands politically? This thread is not intended to political bashing, just to see the dicotomy of this board.

I would never classify myself. I know who I am and what is right....Politics is the national pasttime of college-educated dunces, and unfortunately we've got a crapload of them runnin around.

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I personally am Fiscally and Socially Conservative (if you didn't already figure that out) .

My beliefs in a nut shell:

I am for paying the national debt down now, without raising taxes.

I beleive that the tax payers are paying for way too many social programs.

That Social security is a debacle and needs to be reformed (perhaps eliminated)

I support Capital Punishment of the guilty

I oppose Abortion of the Innocent

I do not beleive in forced seperation of Church and State

I beleive that the government can not mandate a State religion

I beleive in the rights of the individual to own and maintain arms, with NO regulations

I beleive that the states governments should be bigger than the federal goverment (not necessarily more powerful)

I beleive that judges should enforce the law not their opinions

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Personally, I'm socially and financially Conservative. In the extreme.

Damn...and you also live in Mass. Feel like a small red dot in a blue state? I'm kind of the opposite. Fiscally moderate and socially liberal. However, I usually lean to the left. Maybe we should trade states? :D

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Damn...and you also live in Mass. Feel like a small red dot in a blue state? I'm kind of the opposite. Fiscally moderate and socially liberal. However, I usually lean to the left. Maybe we should trade states? :D

Yes, I live in Massachusetts. I've been a life-long New Englander. Born and raised in Connecticut. Went to college in Rhode Island. Moved back to Connecticut for about four years and have now lived here in Massachusetts for almost eight years. I've been through your area of the country on several occassions and have found it both physically beautiful and full of wonderful people. It's one of the areas that I have thought about relocating to on several occassions.

I don't really feel like a small red dot because I know that in my area of the state the red & blue dots are a lot closer to equal in number than in the Boston/Eastern Mass area.

If I could find a similar job in that area which paid me the same amount that I'm currently making (including benefits & incidentals) and they were willing to pay to relocate me, we just might have a deal.

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I believe in voting for the canidate that I believe (according to my moral,ethical, and personal conviction and definition of what is "right" for the union of the US) has the same views on this country and will act in the best intrest of everyone not just special intrest groups and a one sided party.

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Fiscally conservative and socially moderate

I'm fiscally conservative, accept need of Keynesian measures, but certainly not of current debt levels and policies. Agree with Veblen emotionally and am vigilantly opposed to oligarchy as unconstitutional; socially liberal in regard to civil rights and support sep. of Church and State, but also support the right to bear arms and am not accepting of abortion excepting in cases of critical need. I am anti-totalitarian and therefore opposed to the current Bush regime and the Republican party which I believe to be falsely conservative and totally corrupt, racist, and desirious of creating an oligarchy of limited freedom in the United States.

I am not a pascifist or a leftist. I find communism as abhorrent as any other ism that leads inexorably to a totalitarian state.

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