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How Many of Ya'll Will Get Sleep Tonight


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Should do okay tonight. If things do start breaking loose in the next day, they probably won't start until sometime later tomorrow a.m. or afternoon.


Now watch. I'll be in bed at 12:01 and at 12:03 all kinds of things happen. :silly:

( 10:01 and 10:03 for me that is).

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Well good, all you youngsters stay up late and keep an eye out. Some of us old folks have to work in the morning :laugh:

And some of us just may be sleeping in, ( not that we need it or anything). So keep it down to a dull roar. ;)

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nothing with happen tonight. Joe Gibbs and Dan Snyder are at home sleeping in their comfy beds.


Vinny said on NFL Network that Joe and Dan were at Redskins park with the rest of the staff waiting for 12:01. He said they would be working through the night. Redskins One and other planes are ready to go. He said the would be very active tonight. He also said "If you know us we are not going to wait".

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