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Random Thought Thread

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I lost my wallet :mad:

To make matters worse, I have no money on me, and my gas tank is almost empty. I need to drive across town and go to the bar that I think I left my wallet at. I am not sure what to do. Maybe the gas dude can give me credit? I can always try to borrow money from my shady roomates downstairs I guess.

I also really need to have funds at my disposal, because I need to make some very important transactions today.

Real bad start to the day.

*edit* I found it! What it was doing under my bed I will never know. I could've swore I looked there before. Good day today indeed!

Its amazing in this day and age that someone your age doesn't have a gas card. What's worse, is I have a friend that doesn't even own a debit card. WTF?

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So I go online and look up some info on the town I'm about to move to in California.

Looks like I just became the minority race. :hysterical:

Hispanic (66.7%)

Other race (50.5%)

White Non-Hispanic (21.6%)

Black (10.3%)

Two or more races (2.8%)

American Indian (1.4%)

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