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Hmm...Never had a random thought before. I don't think this is worth starting a thread but LeGarrette (sp) Blount is an idiot. He would have seriously injured some of those fans if there weren't 5 people holding him back.

What a douchebag. I mean, if you're gonna be Billy Bad Azz, you would think you'd at least take off your helmet before slugging a defenseless guy who's not wearing one. What a wuss. I hope the guy gets supspended for the entire season.

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haha I hear ya, man. I wish the Braves could start winning when the Rockies and Giants lose. I've pretty much given up hope of winning the division. :)

yeah the wild card is still reasonably close. But losing to the Reds is a big no-no. The Rockies and Giants are to the Braves, what the Red Sox and Angels are to the Rangers. But I have to say, I like the Rangers chances to get in a lot more than the Braves chances.

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