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Anyone ever seen this number on their cell phone before? At about 5:34 last night I get a call from this number and they leave a voice mail. Suffice to say I wake up around 7 this morning and see it, and I'm like wtf? Really weird, considering I participated in that Christian thread and looked up what the mark of the beast was and whether or not it was 666 or 999. Anyway, so Im freaking out all morning and I finally have the balls to call my voicemail and all the voicemail sounds like is the background of a bar. :laugh: I seriously thought Satan or some crazy thing like that was going to be at the end of that voicemail. :laugh:

Satan-"Hey man, just calling to see how things are going, saw you googled my number the other day, just checking in to see if you're showing any interest in following me, give me a call back sometime..cheers" :laugh:

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Plot Summary for

999-9999 (2002)

Rainbow has just moved to an international school in Phuket, in Southern Thailand. She soon becomes the center of attention, since so many of her new friends are curious to know about the recent death of a student at her old school in the North. She blames it on a mysterious phone number - 999-9999 - a number reputed to grant whoever calls it, one wish. Her classmate apparently had called the number and had his wish granted...soon after, he was found dead on a flagpole. Despite Rainbow's repeated warnings, many of her new classmates decide to try this out. Although the various wishes are fulfilled, a series of accident-like deaths occur, until Sun becomes the only teen in the group left alive. Death is awaiting him, however, as he has also made a wish which has yet to be fulfilled. Together, Rainbow and Sun must solve the mystery of the evil phone number, and stop whatever it is from killing them.



The Phone Call of Death: 999-999-9999

It goes without saying that I'm the recipient of some strange and disconcerting email on occasion, but one day last week I found a creepier-than-usual message in my inbox from a reader named Anna — and little did I realize it would come to seem even creepier as the day wore on. This is what she wrote:

Just got a call from 999-999-9999 on my cell phone... called it back and got my Nextel directory assistance who say they can't call out. I looked it up on Google and there was reference to a Thai movie that had a similar plot to "The Ring" except you actually call the number and something horrible happens to you. Any news on this one?

I Googled the number myself and, sure enough, buried among dozens of results confirming that lots of other folks have received mysterious calls from this same number, I found a Web page hawking a DVD entitled "999-999-9999," the plot of which is described as follows...

A transfer student becomes the center of her attention at her new school when she relates the tales of the mysterious deaths at her old school. She reports that the deaths are linked to an evil phone number — 999-999-999, that will grant the wish of any caller — but with a price. Despite her warnings against using the phone number, many of her new friends cannot resist the temptation and one by one they meet with a grisly "accident."

Naturally, I had to try it myself. I dialed the number. A recorded message said: "Your call cannot be completed as dialed." Just as I suspected. Feeling no ill effects, I made a mental note to look into it further and went back to reading my email.

Several hours later, the phone rang. Too busy to pick up at the time, I just let it ring. Curiosity got the better of me when I saw the "new message" light came on, however, and I decided to check the caller ID. This, I kid you not, is what I saw (cue sinister music):


"Unknown Name. 999-999-9999."

Could it possibly be a coincidence? What are the odds? With bated breath, I punched in my voicemail code. This is what I heard (cue sinister music):

Hello. This is a friendly reminder from Blockbuster. Our records show that as of Thursday, November 17th, Jeff _______ has some items that have not been returned by the due date listed on your receipt.

Mystery solved. Evidently, Blockbuster Video uses the same caller ID spoofing technology employed by collection agencies, unscrupulous telemarketers, and not a few con artists to prevent recipients from knowing who's on the other end of the line. Mundane, but true. I gather the practice is becoming increasingly common.

Not only did I survive the "phone call of death," I am relieved to say, but my Blockbuster Video account is in perfectly good standing. The person they were trying to get in touch was some deadbeat who used to own my current phone number, not me. One day he will receive a mysterious call....

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I have had that number come up before on my cell phone... It happened to be a telemarketer. :-( (They really annoy me sometimes). I believe it was some sort of technology that they have to 'hide' the real number from which they are calling. Again, this is just my belief... But I could be wrong.

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It was just the background of what sounded like a bar. No voice at all. I figure it was just one of my drunk friends that somehow managed to dial from that number..I figure it was something like the Star 67 type deal, where you hide your real number. Not sure though...

I believe that it comes up as 'Private Caller' or 'Unknown Number' or something when *67 is used.

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