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Official X-Box 360 Gamertag Thread


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Sup guys, I wanted to start the official gamertag thread. Post your gamertag and the games you currently own. Maybe this will allow us to set up some tournaments and keep up with extremeskins members on the new system. I will start it off:

Gamertag: (THE 2K ASASSIN)

Games: Madden 06 - 360 / Call of Duty 2

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Gamertag is Reic

Games- Madden 06/07, GoW, Lost Planet, COD 2, Kameo, Eldar Scrolls: Oblivion, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Project Gotham Racing 3, Viva Pinata. I can't think of any more at the moment.

I have 360 gold but am rarely on it, I only have wireless internet at my house and am not dishing out the 50 bucks to get a wireless 360 g for my gameroom.

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Gamertag: theLoGiK

Games: Madden 07, COD3, Oblivion

Just sold the following games to EB games. They were good games, its just that once you beat them they are just okay on multiplayer. Loved Gears of War and Ghost Recon.

Gears of War

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Call of Duty 2

Project Gotham Racing 3

Madden 06

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