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  1. I think Seattle was the only team this year to modernize their uniform this season. I think in year 2 other teams can change the look. I read somewhere that year one of the unis was only for fit and finish.
  2. May 10th makes sense as a date to release the alternates. Draft RG3, let everyone buy jerseys. Reveal alternate a few weeks later, watch everyone buy RG3 jerseys in that. I'm hoping the alternate is something new. The Redskins have changed their unis a ton and I'm ready to see something new.
  3. I wonder how the limited jerseys will look. Are the authentics cheaper than the Reebok authentics? Edit - yep, just checked. $40 cheaper
  4. Annoying that the color of the jerseys doesn't match the color of the helmet.
  5. I think it would be cool to see a switch up. For all of the traditionalists wanting us to keep the current uni, you do realize the Redskins have changed their uniforms a ton of times in the 80 year history? I'm not saying I want an Oregon Ducks type change, but something new would be cool.
  6. The new Nike uniforms are being revealed on 4/3. Rock from the Kevin and Rock show said yesterday that he'd seen them and that the Redskins ones are true to tradition. He said Seattle's jerseys are a big change.
  7. Can't get YouTube embedding to work. The people are very upset. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/pSWN6Qj98Iw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Got it working I think. Nope.
  8. Boxers only. Flannel pants may or may not be ghey. I've never worn any, but I got some pajama pants from a girlfriend once and wore those a bit. I can't wear pants to bed - it gets too hot.
  9. Yeah but it's very rational to hate those commercials because they suck. The ketchup is in the fridge while the flavors develop. I made a spicy ketchup and a regular. It tasted good. LOL
  10. Here's 3 random things: I hate the Comcast commercial that always plays. I HATE the McDonalds Filet o Fish commercial that always plays. I made homemade ketchup tonight.
  11. They should change the indian head to a robotic indian head with feathers, just to make it more updated. I bet that would really get people's panties in a bunch.
  12. I ordered this with my friend last night and thought it was pretty good. Is it true that Dana White is screwing these guys on purses? I just looked it up and it looks like both guys made around $250k. Doesn't that seem low considering how much these PPVs make?
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