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Most obscure music you possess


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What I"m looking for in this inquiry is quality music at least 1 or 2 decades old, that got a lot of airplay at the time it first came out, but eventually died completely from the airwaves. In fact, for some reason, you can't even hear them on the "Oldies" stations, or "70's or 80's " stations and such. You would have had to have been lucky to keep the recording from that time period, or go searching the internet for it. Most likely, it was a 1-hit wonder for the band, but not necessarily.

An example for me would be a song by band named HSAS.

It was one of those "All-Star" bands, full of big-name musicians, but which the band itself never gained notoriety. The acronym stood for the last names of the members of the band -

Hagar, Sammy

Schon, Neil

Aaronson, Kenny

Shrieve, Michael

I am in search of the Lost Song Treasures - great songs that got shoved under the heap, lost under "more popular and commercial" and "newer songs" that get more attention.

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I don't know what it is, but I have music from artists that came out before I was born and never had a hit.

Although, I think the most obscure album I own is probably by a band called Rainbow Rider. The album is Beautiful Dazzling Music Vol. 1. It's a christian house album from the early 90s. It really kind of sucks, I just haven't been able to bring mself to sell it(although I could probably get some good money if I found the right buyer), because it's just some of the strangest music I own.

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Disco Lucy-Wilton Place street band

Superman-Celi Bee&thebuzzy bunch

Magic Fly-Kebekelectric

The little White Church-Cansler bros

Thanks for the thread...

I found a bunch of old vinyl I had put away ,now I just have to find a turntable :D

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The Platters-greatest hits-50's

Framptons first album

Bob seger first album

chicago-mean streets

Chubby Checker-the Twist

Man, I got to get a turntable,might even throw on the early Manilow albums for the old lady. :D

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Dude I remember that tune. Nice harmonies and a bald keyboard player. I think it was one of the first videos I ever saw. That and “On the Loose” from Saga.

My obscure pick: Thunder 7 from Triumph on vinyl of course.

Oh man, Saga. I forgot all about them. Somwhere I have some cool pics I took of them in concert. :laugh: :applause:

OK. One of my favorites, an MP3 from what I call my cool duals collection...

Day Tripper - Jimi Hendrix & John Lennon :D

Also lots of other cool and odd stuff from, Tom Jones - Not unusual, and James Brown - I feel Good, to Loius Armstrong & Duke Elington, to Miles Davis - Blue in Green :applause: and Art Tatum.

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