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I can't figure out some of the folks ...................


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The O line was a complete cluster f@&% today. Brunell gets chased all day, and takes a few sacks.

Ramsey comes in, gave us our best shot at not being shut out we had all day, and people here jump him for taking sacks. Even the anouncers pulled it. Why is it the lines fault when Brunell is in, but Ramseys fault whe he's in.

What a friggin joke.

:mad: :mad:

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The Skins were out played up front on both sides of the ball. Period

Can't blame Ramsey or Brunell.

And the recievers dropped passes, the OL sucked, The DL sucked....


Skins were out played in every possible way. Even Moss who can usually do no wrong fumbled the ball. Everyone from the coaches on down did a poor job today. This team is not as bad as this loss today - but they are also not near as good as the win last week.

Time to suck it up and get ready for the next game. :logo:

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It was a total reversal of last week. Last week just about everybody did everything right. This week everybody did everything wrong.

I felt all along the Giants would be harder to beat than Dallas or Philly. I had a nightmare last night that at the half we were down by 3 field goals to nothing. And it came true with avengence, instead it was 4 field goals & a TD at the half, then more. I woke up thinking, "This can't be true, we are going to win." That is my first premonition football nightmare. I hope I don't have any more.

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Bad bad day all the way around. Credit the Giants, they ate up the left side of the defense,, Manning eluded the rush well, and they beat the hell out of us up front on both sides of the ball.

The silver lining?

It only counts as a single loss, and next week is just around the corner.


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Ramsey deserves no scolding whatsoever.

But the team as a whole does, especially the o line. they are the first to blame. no forward momentum meant no running game, meant no passing game. the recievers are next, they got shut down by a slack ass defensive group.

the d line is next up for a chastising, dear lord help us get a legitimate pass rusher.

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No single player was at fault today. The entire team collapsed. The media is going to kill us this week.

Permit me to say, we deserve it. We were outcoached, outplayed.

I saw the danger sign right away. Skins players were patting the gmen on the back after they made a good play, even helping them up off the turf. That's bad coaching. That's how the game started and we couldn't get out of the funk!

ST tried in the second half, but it was too late. He got hit with a personal foul and deserved it. The player was down. Just frustration.

I hope the players can learn from this:

The people wearing your colors are your friends, the others are your enemies, at least for 3-4 hours, then become friends again.

We got our jockstraps handed to us today and the Giants fans have every right to revel; even come over here and serve most posters here a whooping serving of crow.

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