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  1. I was always skeptical of this guy. Thought it would be the injury proned issues that would take him down. I caught a lot of flack over my opinion on that. Now I just hate how much time and effort we put into this guy. What a waste.
  2. This popped up: Haskins Worst in the NFL when no pressure
  3. There are lots of physically talented players (he’s gotta gun, but not much in the way of wheels). The key is this kid’s mental capacity. He’s not emoting a lot of maturity in that regard (IMO). I’m skeptical but seriously hopeful he works out because I feel like the franchise is married to this kid for at least another year. If he doesn’t pan, we’re back to square one. Defense alone isn’t going to get us back to respectability and playoffs.
  4. I’ve said all along that Burrow is our best case scenario. But I think most are content to “settle” for Young.
  5. Burrow is hurting. Tough kid. He’s made some smart, quick plays tonight. I wish he was wearing burgundy and gold in the future (know it will never happen).
  6. I know Ron is being a responsible coach in not handing him the job (which is def smart) but we all know he’s our starter for next year. We have no idea how this is going to play out but it would change the confidence of the fans and the team if he were to start working his ass off now for next year. If he just does the bare minimum then it’s a crapshoot how it’ll play out. He’s not that talented or athletic that he can just show up and play awesome. I think we all would like to go into one season knowing we have an important position covered. It’s been a long time since we had that feeling, or
  7. You suppose he’s working out, losing some of that baby fat and getting ready for next season? Film room?
  8. Now if this airhead Haskins can somehow turn into a starter, we good
  9. I don’t share the opinion of many who think Haskins is the man. Great gun but lacks the football acumen of a franchise QB (Just MHO). BUT, I think we’re stuck moving forward with him for now because our efforts need to be focused on filling so many other holes. Hopefully he does turn into a good leader. I think any new GM is probably going to “run what ya brung” for another season at least. But will he upgrade the backups?
  10. Heck, after this many years of futility, I would be happy if we could just be competitive. Either in the playoffs or on the cusp would be fantastic.
  11. Cross your fingers that the Danny doesn’t find a way to muck this up. Oh, right. Well, we can hope.
  12. After this performance, the league should just GIVE us the #1 pick
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