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  1. I get what you’re saying and I agree. But so many people on this board are getting their underwear in a wad about draft position. It really doesn’t matter.
  2. That’s called wear and tear. Not all RBs are durable, especially ones who run like he does. AP is an exception. Two years, two significant injuries (and overuse injuries, not impact). That’s injury prone. Fact. If he makes it 20 consecutive games without sitting then maybe he’s reversed the curse. I would love nothing more than this to be our guy for the long run. So far, it’s not looking like he will be. Hope I’m wrong.
  3. Really? That’s the best ya got. Exactly what’s weird, bruh? It’s fact. The guy is in his second year and has played...what? Four games? Obviously we would love to see him become a stud back for us for years. But reality is it’s probably not gonna happen with his track record.
  4. Enjoy it while you can. He’s injury prone. He’ll be sidelined again before this season is over. Can’t be a superstar on the sideline.
  5. Even if we had the #1 pick, do you really trust that this regime would make the right pick? And even if they picked someone the fan base thought was good, do you really believe that player would pan out? When was the last time we got a franchise player with our top pick?
  6. It’s really crazy to me to read all the posts worried about draft position because of some wins. Do you really believe that draft position will make a difference for the Redskins with the management regime we have in place? When was the last time the Skins drafted a player in the first round who was a game changer? Or a franchise player? Admittedly, we have gotten some good players, but no one who has been a stud that has been a force for years. We could have two top-five picks and these guys would screw it up. We get lucky occasionally and get a guy like McLaurin who looks to be a keeper. But C’mon, Haskins sucks. He’s the worst QB in this draft class. Guice seems like he might be a good choice but he’s been hurt WAY more than he’s been healthy. We could go on. Let’s just quit trying to fool ourselves into thinking that a top draft choice will change our fortune. We have deep problems all around.
  7. Not a TD. Great run. But don’t fall in love with this kid. He can’t stay healthy.
  8. You guys who are wanting us to tank, forget it. It wouldn’t matter. 1st pick, 5th pick, 25th pick....our regime will screw it up. Just play ball, show some pride and try to win.
  9. Looks to me like the kid was trying to lead with his shoulder and got there too quickly. Definitely not nearly as bad as the guy who submarines Trey Quinn. Why is that guy still in the game? Too many rules and interpretations.
  10. Doctorfro


    Our MVP just got hurt
  11. Doctorfro


    Geez, Ronde. Thanks for piling on.
  12. Doctorfro


    The good news (haha) is that Haskins won’t be a Redskin next year. He is so bad. Case and Colt, albeit not the answers, are far better than this kid.
  13. Doctorfro


    Just run the ball. At least it’s less painful to watch.
  14. Doctorfro


    Yay! We got another field goal. Glad to keep the touchdown-free streak, this is painful. Haskins? Got nothing whatsoever to say positive.