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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)


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There's a principle involved here.

After further review, I think two words is okay, but the hyphenated version would be more appropriate, especially in formal writing. And the writing in this thread is as formal as it gets.


Therefore, I win. :)

You win, but fail at the same time for actually looking up 'spell-check'


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Yikes. I'd venture to say that it's either "spell check" or "spell-check." I don't think that I'd make a compound word out of it.

If you type spell check into google...every article it brings up doesn't have it hyphened. Mark is :owned::silly:

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There's a billboard in Upper Marlboro right now that has an Amstel Light ad on it. Except, half of it is torn away to reveal the Verizon Wireless guy, who now looks like he's selling beer. Should I take the pic and post it?

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