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The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)


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That's funny. The brother of someone I know was on that last Detroit Lions championship team. When they celebrated the 50th anniversary last season the Lions made them buy tickets for everyone other than themselves to be there. I believe they even made him pay for his wife to go to the game.

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What you wrote is the most pure definition of trolling that exists on the internet. Whether you believe what you said or not is irrelevant. It is likely something you could be allowed to explore in conversation in the Tailgate where deeper philosophical discussions can take place.

But, here, on a Redskins fan board, you're done saying that garbage.

I'm getting owned right now. We just lost power. I'm on UPS

EDIT: Something weird: See Art's post above? That was unintentional. That's 24 hours old from a multi-quote on June 3rd responding to a different thread. It didn't work for me on June 3rd. Then, after half a dozen sign ons and multiple successful uses of the multi quote feature in other posts, the above just popped on out of the blue 24 hours late.

Probably something to do with the multiple servers being used by ES and the fire, I suspect - and maybe the storm yesterday too.

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