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Separated at Birth....


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Originally posted by manichispanic

hollywood can make anyone look good. Have you seen the gap commercial she's in?

I work for GAP and I don't think she is that hot. She is alright. They have big posters up everywhere. They have smaller pictures of Jessica Alba...now she's hot. They need to put bigger pictures of her up.

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I have some married friends who spent their honeymoon on some Carribbean Island at some high dollar resort. While they were there, guess who comes and has an umbrella set up for them right beside my friends. Sarah and Matthew Broderick. They made friends and spent the week hanging out... doing dinners... and so on.

I asked my friend, the male... about Sarah. He said.. "really nice body from the ribs down... tight tight tight rear and great legs. He said from the ribs up.... marginal at best. And her face? He said... "man... without makeup... she's downright homely" He said he could use her nose for a fishing hook. He also mentioned her mouth... which he said was worse than a sailor's.

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