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  1. Notice she knew she had help on the outside (the woman in the grass) so she instinctively knew her assignment was the street. That's awareness right there.
  2. I'd like for them to look prepared. I was disgusted watching Gruden's teams look like they forgot the game was at 1:00..... or never getting off the bus until half time. I want fight... resilience... and perhaps a little killer instinct late when / if the game is tight. I want a forced turnover and a subsequent TD... than a forced 3-out and another TD to put the game away. When was the last time Washington took the will of the opponent. For the Gruden years... they even let bad teams hang around instead of taking their will.
  3. Than we've chatted by the Twitter. I love the design... I'd almost prefer it over the eventual new name. Washington Football Club... the only NFL team like it.
  4. I got this same one. Shelley on Twitter had them made and I bought one from her. Looking for the right burgundy hat, that's comfortable, to put it on.
  5. The Redwolves "R" logo was done by this gentlemen with the twitter handle @HurQlez. Give him a shout out (credit) for his work. I think his logo should be the alternative logo to tie the Redskins "R" to the new Redwolves name. I also think the W logo with the silouette of the capitol and howling wolf with the 3 starts underneath should be the Official Logo of the Washington (or DC) RedWolves.
  6. How does this Isaiah Wright (WR-Temple) kid not get drafted? Seems to have great speed and exceptional hands....explosive and elusive... plus he's a dangerous kick returner. He might be better than all of the other UDFA Wideouts currently on the Redskins roster. One things for sure... I'd say Cam Sims and Quinn are not making the team this year. Cam has the height but is a poor router runner and has stone hands. Quinn is .. well... oft-injured and guys like Sims Jr. and even this kid Wright might make him expendable. *****UPDATE****** Now I see why he wasn'
  7. My "bias" to Haskins is based on football... and nothing else. Haskins played just 14 college games at OSU. I wouldn't have drafted QB at 15 that had so little college game experience and expect him to excel immediately in the NFL. Additionally, he played for OSU... where he played one, maybe two relatively competitive games a year against similarly talented teams and the rest were against patsies he dominated due to their lack of similar talent. Daniel Jones, conversely, played 3 full years at Duke and played in a pro-style offense under the tutelage of Cutcliff. He was immers
  8. All of you pining for Haskins and miffed why no Redskins coach seems interested in playing him. Has it ever crossed your minds that these coaches are seeing things in Haskins that they absolutely hate, things they know will get him killed and guarantee losing efforts. Remember, Haskins has only 14 career starts and looked to the sideline to a coach that gave him the play and protections.... and the Wide Receivers looked to their coach to give them routes. That's way different than getting a play in a helmet, calling the play, then setting the protection at the line.
  9. I tweeted this last night. Arrived at a Buffalo Wild Wings last night in Richmond VA to catch the game. 15 minutes before kickoff and the place was empty... as in not a single person sitting at the bar and only a table or two occupied. This, in the heart of what used to be Redskins "country" Central Virginia... for a Monday Night Game. This, in the city that hosts the Redskins Training Camp each year. It was startling! And those that did meander in... probably a dozen Redskins fans and half a doze Bears fans... only the Bears fans were excited. More Skins fans I talked to eit
  10. 28-10. Game starts at 8:15 but Redskins don't get off the bus until 8:45 and down 14-0. Huckster Gruden smirks, shrugs, and shows his "Gruden Face" while Skins offense sputters and defense lays down in second half. Skins score 3 in 1st half... late garbage TD in second half. Mutiny tomorrow... Gruden says "we have to play better".... and on to New York they go. Daniel "Danny Dimes" Jones looks like the second coming of Joe Montana and Skins fall 35-10. Should I continue.....
  11. Redskins stay close with Eagles for a half... then Wentz "Houdinis" himself out of a game changing sack and manages a broken play TD. Redskins press.... the wheels fall off... and Skins lose big. Week #2: Dallas scores late because Redskins Offense can't move the chains and the Skins D gets worn down from being on the field the entire 2nd half.
  12. And you'd be lighter in the wallet Master Blabber. I've been watching football for 45 years and have a pretty good grasp of what identifies as good technique vs. bad technique. It's why I used the term "catching".. because that's what Flowers is doing. "To piggyback on your post, the other benefit of AP is the work ethic he possesses. He can show Guice how to be a pro." Which National NFL personality did you get this from? Kay Adams?
  13. I notice he "catches" a lot of D-Lineman and his instinct is to put his hands outside on their shoulder pads. That's holding in the NFL. He's going to have to be broken down and rebuilt by Callahan in order to even be serviceable for the Redskins. Tall order. In addition, there are interior lineman that are technically ready to play RIGHT NOW in this draft. I pray Skins draft one, along with a Tackle project with upside, and jettison Flowers before the season starts.
  14. The Redskins need play makers... explosive play makers. Think slants that go to the house! Think breaking tackles and shaking defenders. They don't need receivers who can't separate, are slow footed, and only move the chains. Harris is a nice story but let's be realistic here. He's a possession receiver and virtually every NFL team has a couple on their practice squad.
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