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  1. I happen to think part of the issues with the Redskins team under performing each year is because they believe the fawning press articles from the Washington press. Every year articles are written about how good the Redskins roster appears to be and how the sky's the limit. In reality, the team lacks talent and is often out coached by opposing teams. As soon as players realize, and this generally happens half way though the year, that the team doesn't compare to top tier teams in terms of talent and top coached teams curb stomp them, they give up and crash and burn.
  2. Cskin

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Draft Bradbury in the 2nd / 3rd and shift Chase to Left guard. OL problems solved. Find young quality backup Swing Tackle to team with Christian and one or the other takes over for Trent Williams next year. Williams is breaking down and shouldn't get another contract from the Redskins.
  3. Cskin

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I've been saying for 3 years Redskins should get out of the Richmond VA Training Camp deal. It's a circus, there are tons of distractions, and the bad press for financially strapping the city does no one any good. I think the Skins should go to the Warm Springs VA & Greenbrier Hotel, which is out of the way and focus on chemistry and team building. Hell, I'd be open to going back to Carlisle or Frostburg at this point. Anything to get out of the limelight and focus on football fundamentals.
  4. Snyder fires Allen, Gruden, rest of coaching staff, strength training staff, nutritional staff, save Smith & Shaeffer. Doug Williams is given ceremonial Team President role (Face of Franchise) with no input on football operations. Smith installed as GM with sole & full control of ALL football operations. Shaeffer under Smith and in charge of Salary Cap. Smith / Snyder determine franchise plan to return Redskins to competitive, then Super Bowl contender. Plan is mapped out and approved by both. Plan must include Alex Smith cap hit and ways to minimize constraints as well as identifying core Redskins to keep and veterans to trade or release for cap relief. Snyder first consults experts that advise how to restructure training facility & nutritional program. State of the Art program established Smith hires Head Coach, scout staff, strength training staff, nutrition staff. Head Coach hires own staff and implements culture improvements. Block heads on team identified and jettisoned. Snyder voids agreement with Richmond VA for Training Camp and moves camp to smaller & more rural college location. Carlisle, Frostburg, Warm Springs VA to name a few. Focus shifts from spectacle of Training Camp and Marketing to Team Building in isolation with minimum distractions. New coach is given time to evaluate McCoy, Johnson, or Sanchez and all 2019 QB prospects. Alex Smith most assuredly will not play 2019 and most likely never again. However, he is treated with upmost respect and his contract honored with no questions asked. This will go along way towards building mutual respect between team and it's players. New coach chooses QB path and implements plan to improve QB play within his offensive scheme. Draft BPA, rookie QB if plan dictates, and / or team needs as warranted by team draft board. Snyder gives new coach / GM 3 years minimum to implement plan with no interference. Year 4 of new GM / Coaching Staff - Snyder measures progress, plan revaluations, goals / results identified for Year 4 & 5. Post Year 5 if goals not met - Snyder determines if new direction needed or new plan created.
  5. I'm done with Gruden. He's an 8-8 / 9-7 coach under perfect conditions. Half the times his teams don't even get off the bus to play. Poor motivator, poor game planner, even worse half time adjuster, and seemingly a bad eye for talent. I'm ready for a full house cleaning of the front office. I want a new GM hired that in turn hires his own staff. It's time.
  6. The TE from Pitt on the list twice. Additionally, I thought they signed the TE from Merrimack Dillon Salva.
  7. I agree his throw to Doctson, and to a lesser extent to Quick, won the game from an offensive standpoint. But if Wilson escapes that sack and makes a play and we're looking at two plays for a TD from say the 20... do you think the Redskins hold them out? As it was D. Hall made a hell of a play on the hail mary to keep them out of the endzone.
  8. Cskin

    What to do with LG

    Watch his tape... he's on the ground a whole lot at Iowa. Besides being underweight (289 lbs) he also appears to have rather bad balance. I think the Redskins expect for a serviceable LG to shake loose from another team before training camp.
  9. McClain did win the Seattle game for the Redskins. It was his shoestring tackle of Wilson, forcing the pass with the knee down, that essentially sealed the win for the club. Other than that.... JAG we paid to pretty much underwhelm for a season at a price of $7 million.
  10. Cskin

    2018 UDFA Thread

    I've seen this on twitter all day today. Dillon Salva, 6'6" 260lb TE out of Merrimack, will be joining Redskins for Minicamp. Big time in-line blocker with some nice hands. Also a basketball player as well. https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/dillon-salva/
  11. Cskin

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Watch for this kid on late Day #2 or early Day #3. Remember, Bruce Allen is a Richmond Alum.... he'd like nothing better than to draft his franchise QB from the University of Richmond. Also the marketing angle, which might even take precedence over his measurables and game tape given our knowledge of Snyder & Allen, a Richmond Spider QBing the Redskins in Richmond Virginia during Training Camp. "Oh.... the marketing value Dan.... our Training Camp will be packed and the talk of the NFL!" As for Lauletta's talent.... smart kid with a good arm and rather mobile. Think Kirk Cousins with a bit more giddy-up. Sigh....
  12. Yeah... he was probably hit so hard he thought he was standing in front of the refrigerator reaching for a cold Schlitz beer.
  13. So... below is what we're wearing at home this year.... for two games? Definitely different..... and I'd love to see a good photo with the burgundy on gold combination from this same year.
  14. I'm leaning towards a permanent uniform change featuring the Redskin original colors.... deep burgundy & GOLD. The current helmets are fine.. but I'd like to see the pants go back to the gold like in 70's anniversary uniforms (even those exactly if they like) and a more classic and reserved deep burgundy / classic white jersey opposite the gold pants. As for the R helmet... I think that's going to be a nice touch for a couple of teams... especially honoring Lombardi on the anniversary..... but I don't care for a permanent switch to that style.
  15. Cskin

    Show Yourselves II

    My significant other and I in front of Hymans Seafood in Charleston SC. My significant other and I in Punta Mita Mexico My siginificant other and I visiting a client in the Turks & Caicos Islands