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Erica In Da Club Gettin Tipsy


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Originally posted by Henry

Steady guys, I don't think suggesting types of alcohol to a woman who's not yet of drinking age is a great idea.

Oops! Didn't realize she wasn't 21 :doh:

But in fairness to my fellow degenerates...she posted the picture of her friend in a room with wine bottles and titled the thread "Erica in the Club Gettin Tipsy!". :D

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Originally posted by lumpy35

Thanks for the Memories Sippin2020,

That Cisco put me on my ass back int the day. But where is the Boone's Farm.

Dear God, no one should be thanking me for those memories. :laugh:

To tell you the truth, I don't touch the stuff anymore either, just kept the name because I've been using it for years.

As for the Boone's Farm, I never grouped it into the same category. It's only 5% and it actually tastes good.

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The next time you take a road trip to Orlando you should check out the Lake Eola Wine Company, which is downtown (along with numerous other clubs. Friday nights are 18 and up at many of them). The cool thing about the Wine Co. is that they don't card unless you order wine or beer (that's all they serve), and the crowd is very upscale and hip.

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Originally posted by Funkyalligator

I remember the days of MD20/20 Orange Jubilee and bagels for breakfast in college.......in fact....there were several funneling incidents that I can't seem to remember but there were pictures...

Beer and Cheerios

Wake and Bake

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