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Erica In Da Club Gettin Tipsy


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Originally posted by TheKurp


The next time you take a road trip to Orlando you should check out the Lake Eola Wine Company, which is downtown (along with numerous other clubs. Friday nights are 18 and up at many of them). The cool thing about the Wine Co. is that they don't card unless you order wine or beer (that's all they serve), and the crowd is very upscale and hip.

Forget about Orlando. She needs to take a road trip up here to Annapolis.

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Originally posted by scskin

If you mix Mad Dog and Thunderbird you get either MadBird or Thunderdog. Lets go for the Rock gut guys OE, C'45, King Cobra,you know the good stuff!!! Glad i haven't had a drink in about 18 years

that was when i was 14 $0.99 each we would sit in the park and drink till we fell out :cheers: dont forget the 8 dollar bottles of hen :cheers:

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Originally posted by jbooma

don't forget


aww man...the memories....when I was in college we decided to drink a bunch of the Mickey's "hand grenades" before we headed to a party...someone got the bright idea that everyone should "lob" them in our living room, like a real hand grenande, when you finished your bottle...it was funny...'til one of my idiot roommates "lobbed" one through the front window! Green and Clear glass everywhere!! :doh:

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