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  1. And here we have an example of the illusions caused by compressing a 4 meg image down to at maximum of 102,000 bytes. As Synergest [accurately] surmised, that indeed is a string. A string which is attached to a once waterproof clear bag whose purpose on this particular day was to keep my digital camera dry as we swam ashore from the charter boat. Upon reaching shore I discovered with horror that the eyelet where the string was attached was no longer sealed against water intrusion. Thus allowing mass quantities of salt water to surround the case in which my camera was stored. The camera
  2. Me and the girlfriend. Picture taken last week at the Baths in Virgin Gorda, B.V.I.
  3. Thito, I actually found a place called Skinny Legs on St. John that was showing the game (1 25" tv). It was a New England Sports Bar but they took pity on me and switched one of the tv's at my request. The Minnesota game was another matter. I was stuck in the airport in Puerto Rico during the game so I had to keep calling my buddy (who was at my house watching it on DirecTV's NFL package) to get updates.
  4. This was taken last Sunday on 12/26/05. Correction: (thanks Thito) 12/26/04
  5. Hell, at 46 I'll still take half of these young grasshoppers in a 40.
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