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Im outta here folks, wish me luck


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They just ordered evac for Manatee County for tomorrow.

Im headed home to close up the house best I can and Im heading to Ft Lauderdale.

If anyone is in the SW FLA coastal area, dont mess around with this storm. It's going to be nasty.


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I'm about 45 minutes south of Kilmer, 8 miles inland from the gulf, and 3/4 of a mile from the river. They haven't ordered us to evacuate, and we'll be riding this one out. Right now, we're expecting winds up to 75 at about 2 pm tomorrow if it stays off the coast as the predicted track implys. If it comes in closer, could get wild.

If your still around Kilmer, be safe. The roads are gettin crazy already down this way.

I'll give updates tomorrow as long as I have power. My house sits 6.2 ft above sea level.

Correction: My street is 6.2 ft above sea level, the house is at 10 .5 .

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As the crow flies, Orlando is 90 miles due east of Tampa. The hurricane is relatively small, only extending 30 miles out from the center. There is an upper-level trough that will dictate the path of Charley. The hurricane is taking a northly path, but the minute it collides with the trough it will begin to take a more easterly course. The effect Charley has on Orlando all depends on *when* the two weather systems merge. Of course I'm hoping it's later than sooner. Frankly, I'm more worried about spawned tornadoes than I am any damage from Charley itself. From a more selfish perspective, I have plans to go out tonight. So I don't need some guy name Charley putting a *ock-block on me.

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