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Any reason that what happened to the Steelers and Cardinals the past two seasons will happen to the Eagles this year?


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9 minutes ago, SkinsFTW said:


So did you also join the Cowturds bandwagon in the 90s and then the Patriots bandwagon after 2001? How about the Seahawks after 2013 when everybody thought they were going to win a pile of Super Bowls?


Also,. I doubt the long time part for the Eagles. If Hurts actually keeps it up, they'll have to pay him soon, they'll blow some 1sts on scrubs, lose players because they're paying Hurts 50 Million and he isn't Mahomes. Then they'll be mediocre again.


So they better win it all in the next 2 years and Mahomes, Allen, and the rest of the AFC QBs aren't going anywhere. Maybe the Chargers will finally get a good HC too.


Hurts looked kind of mediocre taking those sacks earlier vs an average Texans defense. Wait untill they get to the playoffs. He might just turn into Lamar again.

No. I'm from Philly and grew up watching some of the most incredible games between the two. I think it was 13 games by 8 or less.

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On 10/17/2022 at 3:27 PM, 88Comrade2000 said:

No. The Eagles should at least make it nfc championship game. Who in the nfc will challenge them.


Minny. You really trust Kirk ?

GB if they make playoffs are a quick exit.

SF? They are .500 and likely won’t repeat what they did last year.

LA- doubtful.

TB- Tampa will be a quick playoff exit. Tom will regret ever coming back.

NY- doubt the Giants beat them in the playoffs.


Dallas- they may be the only team that stops. Will need to see the rematch with Dak first.


As much as it sucks; Eagles seem in a good position to make a run.

This post will not age well.  It's already starting to rot.

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