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Greg Allman, Midnight Rider, dead at 69.


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I'm sorry to hijack but all these legends passing got me thinking: is rock and roll dead? I mean in my childhood it was still the preeminent form of music. Now, from what I can tell, it's basically followed in the footsteps of jazz.  As it stands now, I'd have just as good a chance to name the top rock song from last year as I would the top jazz song (see NONE). It's like the 90's are gonna go down as the last decade of rock. The last where new legends were made. Cause there hasn't been anything since. 


And please, don't preach like us underground, true school hip hop folks like do. I know there are new bands. New greats. I'm talking pop culture domination, king of the castle, sex, drugs and rock and roll.


And a follow up to that, if that is indeed the case, why do you think so? 

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Follow up on @BornaSkinsFan83points. Who are the last living Rock Stars at the moment who still peform? Still write songs? From really any generation? Mick Jagger? Roger Waters? Robert Plant? Eddie Vedder? 


Also once the aging dinosaur acts are gone who will the live music industry rely upon? Skrillix, Deadmau5, Lady Gaga, Beyonce? 


Glad I got to see the ABB as many times as I did. One of the main reasons I still travel to see my favorite bands as much as I do is I fear their days are almost up.



TTB tribute to Gregg Allman is one of the best Ive seen yet.



Phil & Friends as well.


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Hittin the Note was a great comeback album, and that tune Old Before My Time gives me the chills.  That and "End of the Line" are my favorites of the later stuff. I saw them live at the Beacon in NYC when it was still Dickey Betts on guitar. Can't remember if it was Warren Haynes or maybe Derek Trucks on the other.

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