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WT: DNC pressed to remove Wasserman Schultz amid Clinton favoritism charges


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Here are an interesting array of stories which have just become to spring up over the last few days. I do agree with them that Schultz and much of the DMC infrastructure such as moderators of debates etc seem to be in the bag for Hillary.

I thought Jim Webb for example was treated horrendously in the first debate.



DNC pressed to remove Wasserman Schultz amid Clinton favoritism charges

Amid charges that she is blatantly tipping the presidential primary scales in favor of Hillary Clinton, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is coming under fresh fire from progressives who want her removed from her post immediately.

The progressive advocacy group RootsAction said Tuesday that a 4-day-old petition calling for Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s ouster had received 23,000 signatures. Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s detractors argue that she has wounded the Democratic Party’s credibility by essentially rigging the presidential primary process in favor of Mrs. Clinton.

“The head of one of the two big political parties in the United States is trying to manipulate the presidential election process by limiting direct debate and tilting the national party apparatus in favor of one candidate. This is unacceptable,” RootsAction.org co-founder Norman Solomon said in a statement.

For months, the DNC — and Ms. Wasserman Schultz in particular — has faced charges that it wants to make the primary process as smooth as possible for Mrs. Clinton while limiting opportunities for other candidates such as Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont, a liberal favorite.

RootsAction and other critics say specifically that Ms. Wasserman Schultz has used the party’s primary debate schedule to reduce media exposure for Mr. Sanders and the party’s other presidential candidate, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.

The DNC is holding six official debates this primary season. Several of those have been held over weekends, when TV viewership typically is lower. The next debate is scheduled for Jan. 17, a Sunday.

“The results, thus far, have been bad from the perspective of Wasserman Schultz’s own party, including domination of the media’s extensive election coverage by the other big party. Another result has been reduced exposure for the Democratic candidate polling strongest against Republican rivals, Bernie Sanders,” RootsAction co-founder Jeff Cohen said.

Critics say another example of favoritism toward the Clinton campaign is the fact that the DNC last month temporarily cut off the Sanders camp’s access to crucial voter files kept by the party.

The ordeal began when a Sanders staffer accessed private data belonging to the Clinton campaign. Although Mr. Sanders acknowledged his campaign’s error, he, along with supporters and critics of the DNC, argued that it was a massive overreaction to suspend his access to the party’s voter file.

Mr. Sanders’ access to the voter file was restored after he fild a lawsuit.



Here are other Stories about Replacing Schultz


Progressives Unite to Push Debbie Wasserman Schultz from DNC


Unusual Clinton Payments To DNC Create Conflict Of Interest

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/01/04/unusual-clinton-payments-to-dnc-create-conflict-of-interest/#ixzz3wR5vdkhE

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is impeding democracy


Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz Trying To Keep Bernie Sanders From Being President?




DNC Rips Off Sanders: Wasserman Schultz is Untrustworthy and Must Go

Democrats need a chair who doesn't favor candidates, fix the nomination and alienate voters                       


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i hope not. I hope she continues to be a prominent face of the Dems.


Guessing most people on the street couldn't name her if asked "Who is the Democratic National Committee Chairperson?"


Dems don't have a history for getting this type of stuff right, though. If she's a problem. She should be removed from that role.

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Guessing most people on the street couldn't name her if asked "Who is the Democratic National Committee Chairperson?"

Dems don't have a history for getting this type of stuff right, though. If she's a problem. She should be removed from that role.

Dems are always on the wrong side of history.

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If says volumes about the two main political parties that their two chairs are immature, unprofessional clowns like Wasserman-Schultz and Preibus.




I also think that each party should be able to nominate whatever person they want.  If they choose someone just because the 'insiders' in the party want them (for example, Clinton for Dem and Bush for GOP), then the voters can decide whether to vote for them or not.

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I have zero doubt she favors Clinton, just like Priebus has openly favored Jeb or Rubio over Trump.  


National Party chairs want to win national elections, and candidates like Bernie and Trump are their biggest fears.

I think to their great credit the GOP has done an amazing job of having a wide open debate format and primary. If they win the election it will be because of their incredible job on hosting some of the best televised debates we've seen ever in this country.

I haven't had much nice to say about the GOP over the last few decades, but I have to hand it to them this time. They got this right. The candidates might not have liked being roughed up by Megan Kelly and the other moderates, but you know what.. They all did pretty well behind the podium giving the voters some real choices and great exchange of ideas.

I was never a Rand Paul fan, but that guy has really shined and proposed a comprehensive alternative to others in his party. For the most Part the fire throwers like Cruz, Rubio have restricted themselves to real issues and not gone on rants about Christianity being under attack in a country which is overwhelmingly Christian. There was that very odd moment where Huckabee proposed balancing the budget by taxing whore's and pimps, but even that was jaw droppingly informative, and Huckabee really hasn't been a force in this election since.

There was a show on HBO a few years back called Newsroom by Aaron Sorkin, where the lead anchorman was a fed up conservative pitching to the party to open up the debate format. The party ultimately ultimately rejected this but in the show the anchor Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Danials makes his case for why open debates would ultimately help the party. Amazingly that's the direction the party has gone.

The Democratic debates and format are unwatchable compared to the GOP debates. How did the GOP get to the party of different ideas!!

Don't know anything about Priebus, would like to hear more about him.. What do we know?

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