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Amazon Prime: "The Man In The High Castle"


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Is anyone else watching this Amazon Prime origianal series?

I'd like to get some impressions on it. I cannot figure out where this is going. I just finished the entire first season, but I can't figure out what genre this series is supposed to be.


Ridley Scott (Blade Runner) and Frank Spotnitz (X-Files) both have sci-fi cred, but there is not hardly a sniff of sci-fi aspects in this show. 


Help me, I'm genre confused.



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It looks pretty good.  I think we will start it after we finish making our way through "The Good Wife".  We really like that show and I highly recommend it. 


This is something I really really want to watch. I don't have Amazon Prime and I'm not going to get it just for that... :(

I think it's worth it.  We still have DirectTV (just for Sunday Ticket) but 90% of what we watch that isn't live sports or news is on Prime.  Plus there are big perks for shopping online with Prime.  We never did much shopping online until we got Prime, but are really liking it now that we are.

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I am at ep 8 and I think it's excellent.... Always hated that sound of music song, edelweiss... But it's usage is oddly appropriate and I've been humming it all week.

I have my guesses where it's going... Can only be one thing, correct? TT?

Anyway I highly recommend. Prime is awesome, we are so spoiled with 2 day shipping.

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