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Your friendly Friday night youtube music thread Vol. II (with respect to vol. I's OP--rincewind)


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i always liked  the 5th dimension and think marilyn mc coo is one of the greats tho relatively unheralded by the public (music biz peeps put her in the top voice talents) and i was streaming a hi-rez file of this song for the first time over a very good system and was blown away


it's worth just listening all the way through to really get how perfect and effortless the vocal is if you're into that



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I am here to highlight the unsung heroes of the music industry: drummers. They are so overlooked, however, they will make or break a band IMO. First up is Baard Kolstad of Leprous. IMO one of the best modern drummers, even if it is not show in the following video:



Thomas Haake may not be your style, but that's ok. He may inspire you to quit drumming.



To be honest, and I haven't found a drum cam vid of him, Sean Kinney of AIC is one of my favorites. is he crazy talented? I don't think so. Does he create really cool beats and drum patterns? absolutely!!! He is one of my favorites along with gavin Harrison,

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