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Your friendly Friday night youtube music thread Vol. II (with respect to vol. I's OP--rincewind)


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i know i've said buddy was a one of my 'heroes' as a kid..he was funny on carson all the time, a real wiseacre, was into karate, anms he  still  my personal favorite drummer but i do love all the good/great/g.o.a.t.s from every genre...in this clip he's 69, and died just a few months later 




and here he's being kind of a dick--he often played the smartass, but usually with solid humor, but here he's dissing rock drummers  without noting there really are great ones which i have heard him recognize in other appearances...but it's still fun to watch...it's mainly for dblstrkr if he sees it :806: (and btw buddy did change up at times and use the 'match' grip as you can see in the first clip, so he was just mouthing off in that moment



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